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Responsible for one’s own self


The chinese jade plant near the front door. Feng shui

 says: have a a round leaf chinese plant near your front

 house entrance and it ensures good luck will surround you.

 This plant is very old. We have carried it wherever we have

 lived – just repotting it as it has grown bigger.


From My Garden

No person, place, or thing has any power over me.

I am the only thinker in my mind.


 I am responsible for my own happiness.


Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I have 100% of my life left to live.

 Today I am feeling a bit down. So I am reminding myself of all the good things in my life – the blessings I spoke of yesterday:

 This morning there has been rain to water my garden.

 Sunshine has now arrived to cheer my spirits.

I have good health.

I have a nice home.

 I am happy in the moment.

I have a family who has grown into good, successful human beings.

 I love my family.

 I have 6 gorgeous grand dughters.

 Sarah loves me. She does that unconditionally.

 My cat and dogs also love me unconditionally, as I do them.

I have a job I love to go to.

 I have a comfortable bed.

I have good healthy food to eat.

 I have lots of interests to keep me busy.

 I am counting my blessings and not my sorrows. C

 Many of my power thoughts are inspired by Louise Hay


Counting Blessings

                    The winds chimes jangling their beautiful                           

                     music as they moved to a gentle breeze

From My Garden

Every experience I have benefits me.

I am in the process of positive change

 Today is the beginning of the rest of my life.

 I am beginning to participate in the 100% of my life that I have left to live.

 This morning I have been watching the opening ceremony for the Paralympics.

 I am really looking forward to watching these games, more so than the abled bodied Olympics. I realise how hard our able bodied olympians have to do what they do. I can only imagine and admire how hard the para- olympians had to work to get to where they are. These games, for me, are a reminder, just how lucky I have been to be born whole and have had reasonably good health for most of my life.

 Give up feeling sorry for myself.

Get on to participate in life.

Count my blessings instead of sorrows.

Love life.

Get inspired.

 Be motivated.

Be positive.

If these beautiful people can do it, so can I- so can YOU!

 The world can be such a beautiful place if we all participate in the game of life. C. 

Golden Opportuinities Are Everywhere

As you leave my front garden this is what you see



From My Garden

 The ocean of life is lavish with abundance

Golden opportuities are everywhere.


I still have all of the rest of my life to live.

 There is still 100% of the rest of my life ahead of me.

 The opportuinity this week for me has been presented by the beautiful warm sunny mornings and afternoons that are following chilly mornings and nights.

  And I have made the most of this time tidying my straggly winter garden. And as I have pruned and watered and dug,weeded and planted I have noticed that lots of trees and plants have new leaves budding – like the roses and stone fruit.The rhubarb is sprouting lovely new leaves and the strawberry is covered in blooms. The apricot tree is just covered in gorgeous pink blossoms. I am hoping to have a really good crop of apricots this year,  

 We only ended up with 6 delicious apricots from our very first harvest. So this year I have fertilised, mulched, sprayed amd watered the tree and covered it with bird proofing net, nice and early, and I am hoping that with all this lovely pampering I am going to be rewarded with a beautiful abundant,golden harvest.

 So, now that I am participating fully in my life (with the help of a brand new massage therapist and my cheerful,inspiring, motivating chiropractor), I am appreciating each precious moment, and the abundance of the life I have ahead of me.

 Today, I am wishing good people to present in your life and that golden opportuinity arrives to improve your quality of living. And as life improves share your abundance of living……. pass it on so others may have joy in their hearts too. C 

Wishing you Joy

What will greet you when you visit, beside the front entrance to our home.


From My Garden

I Keep my thoughts centred on

what I wish to experience in my life.

 I have the rest of my life left to live fully and enjoy.


There is 100% of my life left to live.


I am centering my positive thoughts on a new car that can pull our caravan, appearing in my life.

Wouldn’t that be so wonderful ? How this can happen I can visualise and hope and….pray!

I know miracles have happened to others like this before…. why not me!


One of my friends is hoping to sell her house. She has an affirmation written up and sitting on a table facing her front door to the effect. I have not yet written my affirmation out yet, but I am getting closer. Here’s HOPING…… and PRAYING!


 I hope that that positive things are happening for you in your life, that you are busy and happy and full of joy.C.

Asking For Help

More of those pesky rainbow lorikeets.

    From My Garden

I am keeping my thoughts centred on what I wish to experience more of in my life:

More love,

more happiness,

more positivity,

more enthusiasm,

more motivation,

more inspiration,

more travel,

more communicationa with my family,

more giving,

more excitement,

more LIVING.

I have all of the rest of my life left to live.

I have 100% of the rest of my life to live

It is in admitting to and accepting that I have many weaknesses as well as strengths, that I have many times called on God’s help to get me through. And it is in that, that I have found my true potential.

And I am enjoying my new found freedom of getting on with life and not looking back.

In these last few days we have met up with a young  lady who was part of our lives for 2 years when she was just a young baby – through the fostercare programme. She was such a lively little being and won the hearts of our family with her love of life. Myssie was lucky to be returned to her family and had a good life .

For a while we missed her bright little nature, but  knew we had to move on and not continue to mourn for  what could not be.

Well, through the institution of Face Book and the help of an”Unlikely Genius” we made contact again. And she has turned out to be a lovely person – much quieter than the lively tot we first knew, but that’s growing  up-  but none- the- less a nice human being. That’s all we can ask of our children. That was what I always wanted for my children, and that’s exactly what I got.

 And I can only thank God for the children who touched my life over the years and enriched my life beyond all measure. I am sure that some of them have no idea what they have done for me, and now they are gone and living there own unique lives have little thought for what they gave me and what I have learnt about being a human being, and through them have learned to move on and continue with life in it’s present form.

 And of course God’s help  in moving to that space has been immeasurable. Thank you Lord for being there.

 I wish you a day of love and happiness and that you find life worth living every single day. C

Touching the lives of others

This is Chook and Betsy who came to live with us

last Saturday, for the sole purpose of scratching in

 our garden.


     From My Garden

 I have learned that giving with true joy gives me the  knowledge that I am really the one truly blessed by having  the ability and resources to be able to help others.

 Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I have 100% of the rest of my life yet to live.

Good morning!

 It is still very chilly in our part of the world. Yesterday it was -2 degrees. Today doesn’t feel quite so cold inside our house, but outside a sneaky little wind sent chills through my bones when I went out to put water on some of my pot plants. The sun doesn’t have much warmth in it yet.


I love to do things for people, not for rewards – I am embarassed if people feel they have to do things for me in return – but the pure joy in people’s faces when something good has happened for them.


We have been visiting an elderly couple near us who have been done a few hard blows recently. We don’t do anything that costs money or takes us out of our way. We pop in each day to see how things are going. If we are going to the shops we offer to pick up anything they might need, or we take them to do some shopping, water their garden, help to feed their animals. It’s only a few minutes each day but it makes a little difference in their lives. They know somebody cares. That is a great feeling of joy for me as well.


I have been enjoying the Olympic games. It is so good to see the athletes from little known and smaller nations than ours doing well at some sports. The Games cost a lot of money, and the money COULD be spent helping other poorer nations. However, I feel that the Games contribute to world peace, and to see athletes competing beside each other in a peaceful manner does much to promote world peace – another form of giving with joy. As that peace begins to grow, passed on by peace loving nations, the world grows smaller and friendlier. I can only pray for peace, but the athletes have the ability and the resources to  take the giving to another height. Let that giving of peace continue to grow.


Peace be with you. Feel the joy of giving. C

Responsibility for making a relationship work

King parrots feasting at the hanging feed tray amongst                       the bottlebrush and grasses
  1.   From My Garden

I am finding, that for my relationships to work,

I need to be a good forgiver of myself and others

and a good forgetter

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I have 100% of the rest of my life to life to live.

I am responsible for my own happiness. I must not rely on others to be responsible for making me happy. In order to get that result I have to look within myself and pull out what resources I have there that are going to achieve that outcome.

 So I have let go of my past and moved on to the present. Right here and now is where I am happy. I am happy in this moment. I am alive. I am well. I am feeling positive. I am warm. My tummy is full. I have a nice home and garden. I am in a place of peace. I don’t look too far into the future because I have no idea what is there. So this moment and the next is all I have.

 So now that I am participating in the game of life, I am appreciating every special moment – and I am happy and  at peace.

 Today I wish you happiness and peace throughout this beautiful sunshiny day. C.