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Dare to be Courageous

Treasures In The Garden


Wish  it……. Dream it…….


Stand up straight,

speak out our heartfelt truths,

declare our inner thoughts,

so that we may share with all who want to hear;

 Be bold,

 Proclaim our dreams, thoughts and aspirations in many places:

 For only the courageous ones who dare 

will get to live a life of fulfillment.


…….Do It!   My word for today is “COURAGEOUS!”


Right Now !

Treasures In The Garden


There is no time like the present…….



 the world

starts with

the very personal

process of changing ourselves.

The only place

we can make this start is

where we are.

And the only time

we can begin to change


…….to begin to change ourselves for the better!


My word for today is “CHANGING!”

Heart Strings


Treasures In The Garden

Your heart is where you’ll find…….


LISTEN… to your heart!

 It harbours sacred things.

GIVE… from your heart!

 What abundance it brings.

PRAY… through your heart!

For the guidance in need.

FOLLOW,,, your heart!

 It knows how and where to lead.

                                   Paul Mark Sutherland

……. all the reasoning, and inspiration to have a wonderful life.

My word for today is “HEART!”

Good Thinking, Jock!

    Treasures In The Garden


   Our thinking can either make us feel good…….


We are what we think.

All that we are arises 

with our thoughts.

With our thoughts,

we make the world.



…….or it can make us feel bad. 


I will do my best to choose thoughts that make me feel as good as possible!



My word for today is “THINKING!”