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Focus in….


Treasures In The Garden


Focus in on the…….


Focus in on the opportunities

that exist in our life,

rather than the obstacles

even in the most devastating situations

 we can possibly experience.

…….the positives that we find amongst the negatives.

 My word for today is”Focus!”


Joy is in the air

Treasures In The Garden

Being positive, peaceful and productive…….


You’re worried about how you are going

to feel at the end of your life?

What about right now?


Right this minute.

That’s where the joy is!

                                                           – Abigail Thomas


…….can open opportunities in the most unlikely places!


My word for today is “Opportunity!”

The gratitude of happiness



Treasures In The Garden


Having an attitude of gratitude……..


As we follow our daily journey

we need to recognise that

it is not happiness that

makes us be grateful.

 It is gratitude……

 that makes us feel happy.

                Brother David Steindl Rast

  …….leads us to benefits beyond belief!


My word for today is “Recognise!”



Treasures In The Garden


On the daily journey…….


It’s not about the destination

but, about the actual journey

 we are moving through.

 But, then again, 

it’s not all about the journey,

it’s also about

who we make the journey with. 


…….we need to observe our surroundings 

and who our travelling companions are.


My words for today are “travelling companions!”