Touching the lives of others

This is Chook and Betsy who came to live with us

last Saturday, for the sole purpose of scratching in

 our garden.


     From My Garden

 I have learned that giving with true joy gives me the  knowledge that I am really the one truly blessed by having  the ability and resources to be able to help others.

 Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I have 100% of the rest of my life yet to live.

Good morning!

 It is still very chilly in our part of the world. Yesterday it was -2 degrees. Today doesn’t feel quite so cold inside our house, but outside a sneaky little wind sent chills through my bones when I went out to put water on some of my pot plants. The sun doesn’t have much warmth in it yet.


I love to do things for people, not for rewards – I am embarassed if people feel they have to do things for me in return – but the pure joy in people’s faces when something good has happened for them.


We have been visiting an elderly couple near us who have been done a few hard blows recently. We don’t do anything that costs money or takes us out of our way. We pop in each day to see how things are going. If we are going to the shops we offer to pick up anything they might need, or we take them to do some shopping, water their garden, help to feed their animals. It’s only a few minutes each day but it makes a little difference in their lives. They know somebody cares. That is a great feeling of joy for me as well.


I have been enjoying the Olympic games. It is so good to see the athletes from little known and smaller nations than ours doing well at some sports. The Games cost a lot of money, and the money COULD be spent helping other poorer nations. However, I feel that the Games contribute to world peace, and to see athletes competing beside each other in a peaceful manner does much to promote world peace – another form of giving with joy. As that peace begins to grow, passed on by peace loving nations, the world grows smaller and friendlier. I can only pray for peace, but the athletes have the ability and the resources to  take the giving to another height. Let that giving of peace continue to grow.


Peace be with you. Feel the joy of giving. C


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