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The Next Chapter


Treasures In The Garden

What life holds for us…….

Life is a bit like reading a book.

Some chapters are really sad,

 some chapters are happy

and some chapters can be very exciting.

 But, if you never turn to the next page

you will never know

 what the new chapter holds for you.

                                                        Truth Follower

……. depends on what we read into  our experiences.

My word for today is “Experiences”!


Beginning AGAIN…….

Treasures In The Garden


Don’t be scared when things go wrong…..


If one of your


Falls apart

and breaks into

 a thousand little pieces,

 Do not be afraid.

 Pick up one of those little pieces


Soul Writings


…….pick up a thread and just move on to a better place!


My word for today is “DREAMS!”



Treasures In The Garden



If you ask me

how long I will be your friend:

my answer will be, ” I don’t know.” 

Because I ‘don’t know’ which is longer


                                       Words to inspire the Soul


……. makes one realise that friendship is God’s most precious gift!


My word for today is “FRIEND”!

A thought for the day


Treasures In The Garden

Beginning each new day with happy and inspiring thoughts………..


When we wake each day

think of what a privilege

it is to be alive,

to take a breath,

to think and be mindful,

to enjoy living,

to LOVE…….

and be Loved!


……..can only lead to positive outcomes!


My word for today is “LOVE!”

Every new day is a bonus


Treasures In The Garden

Take every opportunity…….

Always end the day

with positive thoughts.

No matter how difficult the day has been,

tomorrow is a brand new day…..

a fresh opportunity to turn things around.

                                                                 Soul writings

……. to change the hard things that can crop up in a day.

 And always remember what there was to be grateful for in that same day!


My word for today is “Positive!”