Setting realistic goals


Here is our gorgeous visitor again tucking into some bird seed

We are getting a visit most days.

From My Garden

I  am trying to avoid self imposed stresses by not loading myself with unrealistic deadlines, and goals, that are beyond my personal capability.


Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I have 100% of my life left to live.

 Today is another crisp day- sunny, cold, exhilerating,  even inspiring, and motivating. 

I am hoping that the day will  be as rewarding as yesterday. It has started well.  I had a phone call from our nephew Craig. We haven’t spoken to him in such a long time. It was so good have a conversation. Eventhough things are not going as well for him as we hoped, we are looking positively to the future, and hoping that very soon there will be a turn around for him. And now my brother- in law has arrived. So two nice things happening within a short while spells good for the rest of the day.


Yesterday, I managed to complete all my projects for the day. That was a really good feeling. I ended my project day in the garden, which is how I wanted things to go, so my soull was singing for the rest of yesterday.  So obviosly I chose wisely and did not try to do more than was attainable. I am gaining wisdom in my “living longer” years.


And I arose from my slumber on this beautiful morning, in anticipation of another great day – positive, peaceful and enthusiastic.


 I wish you peace and happiness and someone to share your joy of living with. C.


If I am to participate in the game of life I need to grab hold of and cherish every precious moment.


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