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Quiet Quintessence…

A time to be reminded “WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH!”

My Musings about all and everything

There could never be another You

There has never been, and will never be, another you.

That means that the bravest thing that you can do

is to be who you already are.

Because it’s safer to be like someone else. It’s easier to hide.

It’s simpler to say, “I”m not good enough”, and walk away.

But we need you friend.

We need your gifts.

 We need your thoughts.

We need your smile.

When you are who you were created to be,

you become a mirror of the Heart of the One who created you.

The enemy of your soul will try to tell you to change who you are

 because he would love to interfere with that reflection.

Say NO, my friend.

NO to comparing.

No to competing.

NO to copying.

Instead…. open your heart, spread out your wings,

 lift up your…

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The Story Of Kale

Healthy Living With Nature

We grow our own kale. We find it very easy to grow.

We use it in our smoothies, chopped up on salads,

steamed as a green vegie, and in our stir fries.

Kale is loaded with good stuff.

It has a nutrient dense makeup. 

It is packed to the hilt with oodles of fibre, Vitamin K, A and C, Folate, 

Potassiumcopper, magnesium, iron, calcium,and antioxidants

How good is that!

Kale contains more iron than beef and more calcium than milk.

Kale‘s carotenoids and flavenoid antioxidants that can help protect from 

various cancers, can help lower cholesterol, and is also known for its 

antiflammatory properties which work on arthrites, asthma, and 

autoimmune disorders.

It tastes great too!

If you are looking for a detox , look no further.

It can work well with the liver too.

Kale comes from the cabbage family.

It is a year round vegetable.

Make sure your bunch is completely fresh ( we pick ours from the garden).

The old wilted leaves lose flavour and goodness.

Store in a plastic bag. (I find cellophane wrap even better).

Store in the vegetable crisper in the bottom of the fridge.

It can be eaten raw or cooked.

It can be interchanged with silverbeet in recipes.

                                                                                          Body and Soul

Life Is An Echo….

Treasures In The Garden

What we give out in goodness…….

LIFE is an ECHO.

What we SEND out

comes BACK.

What we SOW

we REAP.

What we GIVE

we GET.

What we SEE

in others

EXISTS in us.


LIFE is an ECHO.

 It always gets

back to us.


 chinese proverb


……. will hopefully return!

My word for today is “ECHOES”

Creating Memories

Treasures In The Garden

We create memories when……. 

…….with each passing minute we share with others as we live!