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A loud and clear message

Treasures In The Garden


It really is the same old message…….


Understand this message-

there is only Love and fear

 View your life with kindness

let struggles disappear.

…….the one that makes the world go round…….

“Love one another

Love of self and share with others- 

get rid of that fear!

Decide love is for you and be set FREE!  


Laughter is the best medicine

Treasures In The Garden


Making laughter part of daily activity…….


Stop worryingstart living– 

explore possibilities in unknown lands

Take time for yourself 

– and laugh each day –

 life’s gifts are in YOUR hands.


…….helps us heal in a pleasant way! 

Get serious about living

Treasures In The Garden

Throw your old assumptions into the wind…….


Question all your assumptions-

 then throw them all away

Realise there’s truth in this-

Love IS the only way!”

…….and indulge in the gift of Love- 

Love of self and Love of others!

Peace of mind

Treasures In The Garden


Peace be with you…….


Open up the doors you’ve closed

let all those judgments go,

Peace of mind will come gently

when Love is all that you know.


…….to help us to begin the healing journey!  

The Success Indicator

Show a different side. It makes a difference to everything around you! c

Everyday Power Blog


In this post we look at some of the characteristics between successful and unsuccessful people. These distinctions help us cultivate behaviors that promote happiness, success, gratitude, motivation, achievement and overall positivity!
Let’s get right to it!
We are what we say, show, do and feel. How we stand, the tone in our voice, our levels of energy – all represent how we ‘show up‘ in the world. How we carry ourselves is how the world see us, but most importantly how we see ourselves.
Upon seeing this image I had the following questions:
What are some of our most frequent words and phrases?
What are we showing ourselves, our family, and the world on a regularly basis?
How do we feel most often?
What are we spending our time on?
How do we solve problems?
These might seem like small things, but all of these things add up…

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