You be the Judge

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Life’s Judgments

Of all the judgments we pass in life
none is more important
than the judgment we pass on ourselves.
Nathaniel Brandon

We are our own biggest critics .

Today I chose to live with love and joy in my heart.

My word for today is ” JUDGMENTAL.”


A New Year Resolution

Treasures In The Garden

Here we are in the brand new year of 2017. 

Most of us will be thinking of New Year resolutions. Then, by the end of January we will have broken them and tried again a couple more times. It’s so frustrating because our good intentions have gotten lost in the craziness of just living our normal day.

So I thought that maybe as we are experiencing our normal day we could count the physical luxuries we take for granted, that other people would love to experience, but do not have these luxuries on hand.

Think about how many small luxuries we may have experienced today……. Count them up!

Did you wake this morning in a comfortable bed?

Did you have clean water to drink?

Was there hot water to shower in?

Did your bus or train run on time?

Did your car start? Did it run well?

  Did you eat a nourishinghealthy lunch?

Was there a  hot drink to have when you arrived home?

 Was there someone or a pet to welcome you home?

These are all things we so often take for granted.

Take a moment to appreciate each one of these things to the fullest.

Think about how fortunate we are in so many different ways. Let these little luxuries create a sense of  richness and wellbeing in your life.

And feel glad and grateful and fantastic.

Take notice and have gratitude for the smallest pleasures to make a huge contribution to our everyday happiness.

So many people don’t have the. fortune that most of us view as mundane things that are part of daily living. 

And we can have this wonderful happiness everyday.

My word for today is “APPRECIATE!”

I choose to live everyday with my heart filled with joy.

Family First

Treasures In The Garden

 What we need…….. is each other. 

 That is our most precious gift.

The greatest treasure in one’s life

is one’s family.

We may not be the perfect family,

but we love each other

with all our heart          

Timeless Reminder

Family is where we love, learn, share, are significant, gain character, are always a success, be important, and are always very special.


I choose to live with joy in my heart.

My word for today is “FAMILY!” 

What Life is About




Treasures In The Garden

We can make our life a wonderous way of being.……

The best things in life are

The people we love, and

and places where we have been, and the

Memories we have made for ourselves

Along the way we have travelled.

…….if we but look for the real treasures that are ours for the taking.

I choose to live my life in joyfulness!

My word for today is “LIVE!”

The Treasure of LOVE


Treasures In The Garden

Keeping loved ones always in our hearts and minds………


Those we love

don’t go away

they walk beside us every day…….

unseen, unheard,

but always near,

still loved,

still missed,

still thought about,

 and still very dear.


……. keeps their love always close to us.


My word for today is “LOVE!”

Dreams of LOVE


Treasures In The Garden


Keeping our dreams alive……. 


There are often moments in life

when someone we care about

 can be missed so much

that we just want to pick them up

from our dreams

and hug them for real.


……. with memories of those we love and miss in our daily life.


My word for today is”MEMORIES!” 



Treasures In The Garden


On the daily journey…….


It’s not about the destination

but, about the actual journey

 we are moving through.

 But, then again, 

it’s not all about the journey,

it’s also about

who we make the journey with. 


…….we need to observe our surroundings 

and who our travelling companions are.


My words for today are “travelling companions!”