Asking For Help

More of those pesky rainbow lorikeets.

    From My Garden

I am keeping my thoughts centred on what I wish to experience more of in my life:

More love,

more happiness,

more positivity,

more enthusiasm,

more motivation,

more inspiration,

more travel,

more communicationa with my family,

more giving,

more excitement,

more LIVING.

I have all of the rest of my life left to live.

I have 100% of the rest of my life to live

It is in admitting to and accepting that I have many weaknesses as well as strengths, that I have many times called on God’s help to get me through. And it is in that, that I have found my true potential.

And I am enjoying my new found freedom of getting on with life and not looking back.

In these last few days we have met up with a young  lady who was part of our lives for 2 years when she was just a young baby – through the fostercare programme. She was such a lively little being and won the hearts of our family with her love of life. Myssie was lucky to be returned to her family and had a good life .

For a while we missed her bright little nature, but  knew we had to move on and not continue to mourn for  what could not be.

Well, through the institution of Face Book and the help of an”Unlikely Genius” we made contact again. And she has turned out to be a lovely person – much quieter than the lively tot we first knew, but that’s growing  up-  but none- the- less a nice human being. That’s all we can ask of our children. That was what I always wanted for my children, and that’s exactly what I got.

 And I can only thank God for the children who touched my life over the years and enriched my life beyond all measure. I am sure that some of them have no idea what they have done for me, and now they are gone and living there own unique lives have little thought for what they gave me and what I have learnt about being a human being, and through them have learned to move on and continue with life in it’s present form.

 And of course God’s help  in moving to that space has been immeasurable. Thank you Lord for being there.

 I wish you a day of love and happiness and that you find life worth living every single day. C


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