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Cause and Affect

Treasures In The Garden


The voice that will motivate is within you…….


 Win peace

Win freedom

Control only that which you have control over-

your own thoughts

-your own actions

your own person.

……. Once you change yourself you effect a change

in that which you had no control over.

                                                                                            Sheri S. Bessi-


My word for today “MOTIVATION!”


Choose your Attitude

                    Goanna in our garden

Treasures In The Garden


You can’t hang out with negative people

and experience a positive day…….


Never regret knowing people in your life.

Good people bring happiness.

Bad people bring experience.

Worse people bring lessons.

Best people will always bring

experiences to commit to your memories.

                                                                  Soul Writings

….Turn negative into positive.


My word for today is “CHOICE!