An Exciting World

Treasures In The Garden

Reflect on inspiring affirmations which can unlock your creativity ,encourage mindfulness and soothe anxiety.

We are more than how we look.

We are more than the things we own.

Our souls are beautiful.

We all have a part to play in this beautiful and exciting world.

We all have a part to play in this beautiful and exciting world.

Beauty is only skin deep. It’s what’s in our soul that makes us who we are.

My word for today “MORE!”

I WILL live in Joy!


Flowing LOVE out into the world

Treasures In The Garden

LOVE is the bridge…….

I am not here to be

“enlightenedor to

“wake” any other person up.

I am only trying to be the

BEST version of me that I

 can BE, and to flow as

much LOVE as possible out

into the world.

                             Sue Krebs


…….between YOU and EVERYTHING!

My word for today is “LOVE!”

Being yourself is truly the one thing no one else can do better than you can.

Still on the journey

Treasures In The Garden


Beginning a new chapter …….


Today I will close the door on my past life,and..

 I will open another entrance to let  in a new life.

I breathe in a very deep breath of fresh air,

I step through that portal and..

 begin a new chapter in life’s exciting journey!

                                                                             Soul Writings

…….in the journey called ” LIFE”! 

Today’s word is enthusiasm.

 We are each a unique being!

Keep Life Moving…….

Treasures In The Garden


Moving in a positive direction:


Remember that you own your words!

Which of your words will you be today?


I am going to add PEACEFUL to my POSITIVE from the other day.

…….and saying that “I am extraordinary!”  each time

 I look at myself in the mirror


                                                                                               Robin Moore

Rising Above the “CRAP!”

Treasures In The Garden


There are four thieves of Laughter,

Love, Family, Integrity, Success

Satisfaction, Leadership, Passion,

Peace, Solutions, Results, Enthusiasm, Maturity …….and YOU!




Check for “CRAP ATTACKS” in your life!


Give them a name! See what they steal from you humanity…….

then get back into living your life!

                                                                                            Robyn Moore

What wonderful stuff we can have in our lives if we can only rise above the “CRAP”!

Finding Potential

Treasures In The Garden


Do we recognize our own potential?


The things that impress us  in other people

may also be a gift within ourselves

that we have not yet discovered,or recognized,

within ourselves.

Let’s start looking for, and developing, our own gifts to share with others.