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A Conscious Decision

Treasures In The Garden


Making a conscious decision to forgive in the present…….


When we decide to forgive

we can’t change the past.

 However,it will make really big

changes to our future.


…….will so improve how we live in later years.

  My word for today is “FORGIVENESS!”


LOVE and Hope

Treasures In The Garden


If there was a way I could help one person

cope with  life’s difficulties….


I would love to



I would like someone to

look at me and say,

“because of you

I didn’t give up.” 


…….so they don’t have to feel alone.

I would have achieved something wonderful !


My word for today is “HOPE!”

Firing up the Passion


Treasures In The Garden

When the light goes out within us.…….

At times our own 

light goes out and is 

 rekindled by a spark from 

another person.

Each one of us has cause

 to think deep gratitude

of those who have ignited 

the flame within us once again.


…….we appreciate help from another to rekindle the spark, to once again fire up the passion.

Take Another Look

                           Treasures In The Garden

Put an idea where there was once a blank page…….


It is not what we GATHER,

 but what we SCATTER

 that tells us what kind of LIFE

 we have LIVED!

…..and take an old idea, put a gloss on it, so that it is revitalised, might just be the path to helping us to view life another way.

My word for today is “REVITALISE!”