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Think Happiness….

Treasures In The Garden


Think happiness– you are in charge…….


Happiness is an inside job.

 Don’t assign anybody else

that much power

 over your LIFE!


…….it is all empowering!


My word for today is HAPPINESS! 


Growing In Wisdom



Treasures In The Garden


Good things come to those…….


As we get older we find out

that true happiness is NOT in

how much money we make

or how much education we have achieved,

how big our house is,

 how fancy our car.

 It’s finding PEACE, JOY, CALMNESS

in our life – that will be the most important things to us.

 Our FAMILY is what matters

 LOVE is what matters.

 Things of QUALITY–  not QUANTITY!

Soul Writings


……. who wait and grow in the ageing process slowly, wisely and graciously!


My word for today is “WISDOM!” 

Still Living the Dream

It was great reading this again. It brought back great memories of the places we saw, the wonderful people we travelled with. It was very special.


From My Travels

Putting others needs before my own

 will be the surest way to personal happiness.


Our travel companions – on the last day of our trip in the Uk

We are at left. Our bus driver at front and tour director in red skirt

near us. This was taken at Bath in England. The next day we were in

Amsterdam. We took the rain with us to there as well.

 Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
 I still have100% of  the rest of my life to live.

 The journey home was very long. We left the cruise ship at Budapest

 on Sunday at 10am. We had a 7hr wait till our plane flew out to Munich.

 We had a 5hr wait at Munich until we flew out to Dabai. Slept on the

 plane. Had another wait at Dubai and then…

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Making Memories

From my garden



Treasures In The Garden


You can never hang out with negative people

and experience a positive day……. 


Good people bring experience.

Worst people bring lessons.

 Best people always bring

experiences to commit to your memories.

                                                                 Soul Writings


…….Never regret knowing people in your life!

My word for today is “Memories!”

Post New Year….

Treasures In The Garden


 A nice way to begin the New Year…….


“Carry out a random act of kindness,

without expectation of reward.

Be safe in the knowledge that someday

someone will return that kindness to you.”

…….is with gratitude and love in the heart.

My word for today is “Kindness!” 

Starting Out Anew

Treasures In The Garden

What can we do…….

As we start a new year

untouched and unmarred,

Unblemished and flawless,

 unscratched and unscarred,

May we try to do better 

 and accomplish much more

And be kinder and wiser

than in the year just gone before-

Let us wipe our slates clean

and start all over again,

For this privilege has been given to all sincere (wo)men

who will humbly

admit they have failed in some ways

But are willing to try to improve these “new days”

By asking God’s in all that they do

 And counting on God to refresh and renew

Their courage and faith when things go wrong

 And the way seems scarey and dark

  and the road rough and long-

What can we do 

when the year is so new?

The choice is ours


                                    Helen Steiner Rice


……. To make our new year better?


My word for today is CHOICES!”