Wishing you Joy

What will greet you when you visit, beside the front entrance to our home.


From My Garden

I Keep my thoughts centred on

what I wish to experience in my life.

 I have the rest of my life left to live fully and enjoy.


There is 100% of my life left to live.


I am centering my positive thoughts on a new car that can pull our caravan, appearing in my life.

Wouldn’t that be so wonderful ? How this can happen I can visualise and hope and….pray!

I know miracles have happened to others like this before…. why not me!


One of my friends is hoping to sell her house. She has an affirmation written up and sitting on a table facing her front door to the effect. I have not yet written my affirmation out yet, but I am getting closer. Here’s HOPING…… and PRAYING!


 I hope that that positive things are happening for you in your life, that you are busy and happy and full of joy.C.


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