Golden Opportuinities Are Everywhere

As you leave my front garden this is what you see



From My Garden

 The ocean of life is lavish with abundance

Golden opportuities are everywhere.


I still have all of the rest of my life to live.

 There is still 100% of the rest of my life ahead of me.

 The opportuinity this week for me has been presented by the beautiful warm sunny mornings and afternoons that are following chilly mornings and nights.

  And I have made the most of this time tidying my straggly winter garden. And as I have pruned and watered and dug,weeded and planted I have noticed that lots of trees and plants have new leaves budding – like the roses and stone fruit.The rhubarb is sprouting lovely new leaves and the strawberry is covered in blooms. The apricot tree is just covered in gorgeous pink blossoms. I am hoping to have a really good crop of apricots this year,  

 We only ended up with 6 delicious apricots from our very first harvest. So this year I have fertilised, mulched, sprayed amd watered the tree and covered it with bird proofing net, nice and early, and I am hoping that with all this lovely pampering I am going to be rewarded with a beautiful abundant,golden harvest.

 So, now that I am participating fully in my life (with the help of a brand new massage therapist and my cheerful,inspiring, motivating chiropractor), I am appreciating each precious moment, and the abundance of the life I have ahead of me.

 Today, I am wishing good people to present in your life and that golden opportuinity arrives to improve your quality of living. And as life improves share your abundance of living……. pass it on so others may have joy in their hearts too. C 


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