Pass It On …..

A piece of driftwood with depth of character  that graces my garden 

 From My Garden

When I give to others from my heart,

I know that God gives me a refill

from His heart.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I have 100% of the rest of my life to live.

 Yesterday did  turn out to be a really great day. After My first 2 phonecalls of the day , then a visit from my brother- in -law, I received mail from my sister, whose husband is struggling with his health, to say that his surgery for a stomach aneurysm is happening soon. They have been waiting for such a long time. And another letter from my friend’s (who has dementia) husband to say that things have been progressing well and my friend has had no more falls and no more injuries in quite a while and she is talking to him more.

 And…. then later in the afternoon, a phonecall from my brother… That too in itself was a reward. He has been struggling with mental illness. I hadn’t heard from him in ever so long.  Some wonderful people have come into his life and things are progressing well. I can’t believe how well he sounded, even joking. I am hoping and praying that these trends will continue for all of our friends and relatives who I pray for every day. Every small step is another reward for them and for me.

 I finished my day  in the garden again. Seems the best way to spend the end of the day. Each little bit I do now, of course, improves my garden, but it also improves my inner self.

 So on to today . I am facing this in anticipation of another positive outcome.

 I hope you too with be rewarded with extra love in your heart from God for all the good things you do, get, and pass on to others. C

If I am going to participate in the game of life, I must continue to appreciate every special moment of it


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