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You Choose

Treasures In The Garden


 It’s important to have a choice…….

In order to do that we must

first…. make the CHOICE,

to take that CHANCE,

If we want things in our 

life to CHANGE.

 …….so we are able to take a chance at change!

My word for today is “CHANCE!”


The Meaning of Life

Treasures In The Garden

Life is an adventure, an experience……

The adventure of life

is to serve.

The purpose of life

is to grow.

 The nature of life

is to change.

The challenge of life 

is to overcome.

The essence of life

 is to care.

The opportunity of life

is to serve.

The secret of life 

is to dare.

The spice of life

is to befriend.

The beauty of life

is to give.

……. too short…. so.. enjoy!

My word for today”EXPERIENCE!”