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Ageing to Wisdom

Treasures In The Garden


With age comes wisdom. How good it feels to think first and not jump into a decision feet first. How much heartache and many good jobs could be saved with informed thinking.

Honesty is the first chapter

of the Book of Wisdom.

Patience can be bitter

but the fruits of patience 

are oh so sweet!


Love Me….

Treasures In The Garden

Are you showing love to EVERYONE in your life including yourself?


Flatter me….

I may not believe you.

 Criticize me….

I may not like you.

Ignore me….

and I may forgive you.

Encourage me….

 and I will not forget you. 

LOVE me…. 

and I may be forced to love you back.

From Thought To Destiny


Treasures In The Garden

Are you keeping a watch?


Keep a watch on your thinking

for thoughts may turn into words


Keep a watch on your words.

 Words can turn into actions.


Keep a watch on your actions.

Actions can easily become habits.


Keep a watch on your habits.

For habits may form your character.


And keep a watch on your character

for that will soon become your destiny.

The Power Within

Treasures In The Garden


We have the power within to make changes for others and for ourselves

Too often 

we underestimate the power of

a touch, a genuine smile,

a kind word,

a listening and hearing ear,

 an honest compliment,

or even the smallest display of kindness and caring.

All of these acts have a potential to make changes in the lives of others.


Can we make time to pass on these small deeds and exert influence to cause changes for those around us?

Passing on some kindness

Treasures In The Garden


Kindness: being  benevolent, friendly, gentle, considerate.


Even when we offer the smallest and simplest acts of kindness,

 it can become something truly beautiful.

When passed on it can become the cause of positive reaction 

and brighten up another’s darkest day.,


 How would you react if someone passed on a simple act of kindness.

Harvest the fruit from Kindness — Changing the World.

Treasures In The Garden

 Ghandi said we need to be the change we want to see in the world.

We can all give something from within ourselves

to begin changing the world.

 Plant the seed of giving kindness.

It will bear much fruit.


From little things big things grow…..

 How wonderful to be part of the” ripple effect”. Our small contributions

 can flow on to make an effect elsewhere.