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God is everywhere

Treasures In The Garden

From Singapore


God In You…

I looked for God in the

clouds on high,

where angels dance

in the far off sky.

I searched above

on the wings of a prayer,

but still I didn’t

find him there.

But then I turned and….

  ….saw Him every place,

in every act of kindness,

and on every smiling face.

I found Him in

my child so fair,

and in every loving smile

that says to me “I care.”

I found Him in

each gifted hand,

and in every caring heart

that tries to understand.

I found Him in the


I found him in the wise,

and I found Him in

my  loving soulmate’s eyes.

For far below the sky of blue,

He lives in every heart

that’s kind, that’s true,

and so, of course, my dear friends and family….

….Ialways find God in you.

                                                                                                                                            passionup page. com


The Gift

Treasures In The Garden

From Singapore

Journey‘s End…


I once set sail
for a distant horizon
and I found myself adrift
in a vast blue sea.
I kept my vision primed
on what lay ahead of me.
No matter what I had,
I knew there must be
something more,
way off in the distance
on a faraway shore.
I didn’t see the beauty
of the stars on high.
I was oblivious of the rainbows
after the clouds passed by.
It took me such a while
to finally comprehend,
that the gift was the journey
not what I would find at the end.

Passionup Fun Page

Wow! What a gift.

  I was looking too far ahead!

Reaching in to the Heavens


Treasures In The Garden

From Singapore

Reaching for the stars….


   Reach high

  for stars

      hidden in your soul…

        Dream deep…..

 for every dream

  precedes the goal.

           Pamela Vaill Starr


……..means we are on our way to a successful future!

Our dreams can change the world

Treasures In The Garden

In Singapore


When we begin with our dreams…….


Every great DREAM begins

with a DREAMER.

Remember: we have STRENGTH

and PATIENCE within us


to reach for the stars,

and CHANGE the world.

                        Harriet Tubman

..…..and change our world!

Dance with Life

Treasures In The Garden


Listen to the music……


As we move through the ” dance of life”

 we need to listen to the music that is played:

let our spirits move to the tempo

and make every step a step of joy and delight,

 and let every rhythmic step be a step that counts.

 Step up to the dance with life!

Giving, sharing, gratitude

Treasures In The Garden


Giving and sharing


How do we say thank you

 for sunshine, good health……

For beautiful weather, for falling rain,

 for being happy, for having joy and love

 We can say thanks by 

sharing things that we have.

 We can say thanks and make the world

 a better place to live in, in tiny meaningful ways.

                                                                                   Soul Writings

Blessed are they who give.…..

We can put smiles on faces,

 bring flagging spirits to life,

 reinforce with positivity

            make an impact on the life of another…..

          …….it need only be the simplest act

                                                                                                           Simple Tom

So  let’s go out and and give