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Who Is The Teacher Here?

Treasures In The Garden


   As we are living our day- today life, we often fail to see that…….



While we teach

our children about life,

our children teach us

 what life is all about.



…….while we are teaching and giving example, we, too, are also learning new things.


My word for today is “LEARNING!”


Attitude Matters

Treasures In The Garden


I have found that being positive…….


 Having a positive attitude

May not solve every problem

that arises in my life,

but it makes solving any problem

a much more pleasant experience.


……. helps in all areas and walks of my life!


My word for today is “ATTITUDE!

Making the most out of living

Treasures In The Garden


Life is not about finding oneself. It’s about creating oneself.


Four things we can’t recover:


The stone after it has been thrown.

The word after it’s been said.

The occasion after it has been missed.  

The time after it has gone.


And how about:

Laughter is the fireworks of the soul.

All good stuff to ponder upon.


My word for today is “CREATING!”

Improving One’s Beauty

Treasures In The Garden


Always having  kindness thoughts…….


If you think

good thoughts,

they will shine

from your face like

the light of sunbeams,

and you will always


                     Amelia Earhart

…….will improve  inner and outer beauty!


My word for today is “IMPROVEMENT!”