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Daily Mantras

Treasures In The Garden

Just a few minutes of thinking positively…….

6  Positive Daily Mantras:

                The things that make me different

                 are,,,, the things that make ME!

     Today I will breathe deeply

and…. go slowly.

I am so grateful

    or everything that I have.

    Today I will positively 

 Impact someone’s day.


             Today I will choose HAPPINESS.


……. can transform our day – give us Spiritual POWER!

My word for today is”POSITIVE!”


The Art Of Kindness

Treasures In The Garden


    “Kindness is a SUPER power!”

                   For such an unremarkable word ,kindness has a shine                                                  that leaves a glow long after the act of kindness has                        

been ignited. 

Amid our relentless demands of everyday living, we need to keep in mind that goodness and generosity are real life actions- not dreams.We need to practice  them everyday. Kindness is the glue that patches up the cracks in humanity.


            Find the courage to be kind.

                    When we have a kindness paid to us, give it the ripple                                  effect and ‘pass it on‘. 

                            My word for today is “GENEROSITY!”