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You Choose

Treasures In The Garden


Everything you go through ……. grows you!

When we make a choice to LOVE

Forgive, be joyful, and at peace,

 We create a perfect setting 

for our mind, body, and emotions

 To heal.

 We are all in this together!



Let us help each other.

                             Soul Writings


Love is the bridge between YOU and EVERYTHING!

My word for today “Choice!”


The right time

Treasures In The Garden


Stay with what we know…….


One day ….

we will reach a time in our life

 where the decision to remain with the familiar

or take a big risk

and try out one of our dreams.

We may be truly amazed at what we are capable of…..

….lets FLY!


……. or fly with one of our Dreams…….


My word for today is “Decisions”.

Sooner rather than later

Treasures In The Garden


Is it better to take the risk today…….

And a day may arrive

when the risk to remain

 tight and warm in our own little coocoon,

 will be greater than the risk 

we need to take to open our wings and FLY!


…….than to wait that little bit too long…..


My word today is “journey”

Give up waiting

Treasures In The Garden

Don’t put off till tomorrow…….


If we wait till we are ready

 we will be waiting

 for the rest of our lives.

                  My Everyday Power Blog


…….what you can do today.

My word for today is “Empowerment“!

Sharing the caring


Treasures In The Garden

Don’t keep the goodies to ourselves…….


Don’t keep thankfulness to ourselves.

 Let the people close to us in our lives

know how we feel about them, OFTEN.

Sometimes the very best gift we can offer them 

is our love and positive energy.

                                                                   Everyday Power Blog


…….let’s go out to share and give

 My word today is “Thankfulness”!

Natural Love

Colour doesn’t make the person a human being it’s the heart full of love. Our colour is only part of the unique person that God has made us.
Luv C.

GYA today


Enjoyand give a little today!

“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” —Nelson Mandela  

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A Prayer for today

Treasures In The Garden


Dear God:

Let me not look back on

what I could have done……..

But instead, let me look forward 

at what I still CAN do.


Rather than dreaming

 of what might have been …….

help me to have visions

of what I might BECOME.

Give to me greater dreams

for my present and future.


 Show me the battles 

You would have me fight.

Give me the strength and

  the will of mind and body

to continue fighting them

for all the days You have left for me.

                                                    The River Walk



My word for today is “gratitude.”