The gift of growth

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Treasures In The Garden

Learning, solving, growing are all parts of living.

Every problem is a gift.

Without problems we

would not grow.

                   Anthony Robbins

My word for today is “GROWTH”

I choose to live each day with love and joy in my heart.


Being Ourselves



Treasures In The Garden

Don’t ever let someone else’s

bitterness change who we are.

When we are treated
badly by others….
walk away,
and keep on being ourselves.
My word for today ” SMILE!”
I choose to live each day with joy in my heart.

Our Turn Will Come

Treasures In The Garden

Words to inspire the soul……..

Respect the old when 

we are young.

Help the weak when

 we are are strong.

Confess our fault when

we are wrong.

Because one day in our life

we will be old,

and weak and wrong.


Make a choice today to show respect to each other

I choose to live with joy in my heart.

My word for today is”RESPECT!”

Zest for LOVE and Sharing

Treasures In The Garden

With Love

Allow yourself a little time to let Love come your way

Believe that life’s a miracle – you have your part to play

Celebrate each morning – give thanks for this new day

Do little things with BIG Love – this is the joyful way

Eat good food with gratefulness, for earth and rain and sun

Feed your friends with tenderness, encouragement and fun

Give up resentments, grudges, pain – let go of ALL that stuff

Heal your heart with happinessLove really is enough

Invite a friend to walk with you, to journey somewhere new

Just take each other by the hand – decide Love is for you

Kindness is the answer, the best path you can choose

Love with all your heart and soul, you’ve only fear to lose

Melt all hardness, soften edges, let yourself just be

Now, this very moment – Love can set you free

Open up the closed doors – let your judgments go

 Question your assumptions – then throw them all away

Peace of mind comes gently when Love is all you now

Realise the truth in this – Love IS the only way

Stop worrying – start living explore those unknown lands

Take time to laugh today – life’s gifts are in your hands

Understand the message – there is only Love and fear

View your life with kindness – let struggle disappear

Weave a little magicLove is the golden thread

eXeeding joy and happiness can be your daily bread

Yes, it is simple, choose Love and take a chance

Zest for LOVE and sharing will lead us in Life’s dance

New Beginnings

Treasures In The Garden

We are part way into the lovely new year of 2016. A new year gives us the chance to start a new and better life. It’s time to make the most of it.

Reflect on what we have already accomplished.

Be thankful for our life and for our achievements so far.

 We won’t be satisfied at that.


We will be determined to reach for even greater things….

and we will achieve them.

Maria Fontaine- Mottos forSuccess

My word for today is “ACHIEVE!”

I WILL live in JOY!

Dreams Do Come True

Treasures In The Garden

What we want for our children is reaching fruition…….

We don’t want our 


to follow in 

our footsteps.

We want them 

to take the path

next to us,

and go further

than we could have

 ever dreamt 


…….They have done everything we prayed/ hoped for and more!

My word for today is “DREAMS!”