The Best Gifts to Give

Treasures In The Garden

Life has many treasures but a gift of ourselves is the best treasure of all.

Very often we will find that


the gifts which are the

most appreciated, and mean


the most are gifts of our time


and our love.

I will spend each day with a a heart full of joy and love.

My word for today is “GIFTS!”

Time and love are our life and cannot be bought- the most precious gifts to receive.


Our Turn Will Come

Treasures In The Garden

Words to inspire the soul……..

Respect the old when 

we are young.

Help the weak when

 we are are strong.

Confess our fault when

we are wrong.

Because one day in our life

we will be old,

and weak and wrong.


Make a choice today to show respect to each other

I choose to live with joy in my heart.

My word for today is”RESPECT!”

Following the Road Ahead

Treasures In The Garden

Don’t look back……..

Sometimes we have days

when we wish we could change some

things that happened in our past:

There is a reason that the rear

vision mirror is so small and

the windscreen  is so LARGE….


where you are headed is

much more important than

what you have left behind.

……. that’s not the way you are headed.

I choose to live with my heart full of joy

My word for today is “AHEAD!”

Counting blessings




Treasures In The Garden

What blessings we’ve already got…….money can’t buy.

STOP………. looking for what

we haven’t got in our life.

And start a gratitude


for what we do have…….

…….love, family, good health, happiness….

The blessings are countless….

Write them down.

Add to them everyday.

 The “wants” will be small by comparison.

My word for today is “BLESSINGS”!

I will live in JOY!



Dreams Do Come True

Treasures In The Garden

What we want for our children is reaching fruition…….

We don’t want our 


to follow in 

our footsteps.

We want them 

to take the path

next to us,

and go further

than we could have

 ever dreamt 


…….They have done everything we prayed/ hoped for and more!

My word for today is “DREAMS!”



Treasures In The Garden


On the daily journey…….


It’s not about the destination

but, about the actual journey

 we are moving through.

 But, then again, 

it’s not all about the journey,

it’s also about

who we make the journey with. 


…….we need to observe our surroundings 

and who our travelling companions are.


My words for today are “travelling companions!”