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Sunday snicker

Just Cruisin 2


There was once a newly ordained priest who
joined the staff of a large, well-to-do
parish. His boss, the senior priest, had
been there for many years and was steeped
in wisdom.

The young priest was very full of himself,
having taken a number of prizes for preaching
in seminary. He was particularly proud of his
efforts in the pulpit.

Indeed, he said to his boss one day, “Father,
there is not a subject in the world that I
could not, at the drop of a hat, find a Biblical
text for and then be able to preach a sermon.”
The senior priest decided to put his young charge
to the test.

“Well, my boy,” he said, “don’t you be preparing
any sermon for mass next Sunday. Instead, when
you get into the pulpit you will find a sealed
envelope which I will have put there. Inside the
envelope there…

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Meeting the challenge

Treasures In The Garden

Success is not something to wait for…….


Wherever the future may lead us

May we always have the wisdom and strength

to follow our dreams….

the courage and ambition

to meet our new challenges….

and may we know the the happiness and pride

that comes with success.

…….but it is something to work hard for.

My word for today is “WORKING!”

Beginning a new life

            Glengallon Homestead

Treasures In The Garden


This day is the first day…….


We don’t want to start our new day

with the broken pieces of yesterday.

Every day is a new beginning.

Every morning we wake up 

to the first day 

of the rest of our life – our NEW life!

                                                       Touching Lives

                                                     Via P Young 

…….of the rest of our life! We are in charge of our own attitude.


My word for today is “BEGINNING!”