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Following the journey


Treasures In The Garden


The end result is not enjoyable…….


Sometimes we become too focused

on the line where we will finish.

 and we fail to see the journey

 we have taken to get to our destination.


……. if we have missed out on how we got there.


My word for today is “JOURNEY!” 


Direction……. every which way!


Treasures In The Garden


If we make kindness a part of every day living…….


A single act of


throws out

roots in all


 and those roots


up and make

new growth.

                     Amelia Earhart


……….we will probably never know in which directions our kindness will be projected!


My word for today is “DIRECTION!”

Inspirational Ignition


Treasures In The Garden


Igniting the flame which has become extinguished 

by a sad happening for someone we know…….

  At times our own

 light can go out and be

rekindled from a spark 

lit by another person.

 Each one of us has cause 

to think with deep gratitude

 of someone who has lighted

 the dwindling flame within us.


……. can be a wonderful achievement by a caring person, and inspiration for those in need  of a helping hand.


My word for today is “IGNITING!”