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               We found this plaque in Amsterdam when we visited

Treasures In The Garden

Tending life’s garden with kindness and LOVE…….


Every single day of our lives

We step out into the garden of this world .

Every single day we plant seeds

that can grow into something wonderful.

We may never see the growth that comes from 

the kind words and loving deeds we share….

but God does.

I hope then that you always tend the garden

around yourself with care.

I hope that you plant only goodness and peace and compassion

in the lives of everyone you meet.

I everyday you help miracles grow!

                                                                               Joe Mazella

……. Helps miracles grow in the lives of those we meet!


My word for today is “MIRACLES!”


Right Here! Right Now!

Treasures In The Garden


Where we are right now is the time to change……..



the world

starts with

the very personal

process of changing ourselves.

The only place

we can make this start is

where we are.

And the only time 

we can begin to change

is RIGHT now!

                                 Everyday Power Blog

..…..because we will never be at this place in time, again!

My word for today is “IMMEDIATELY!

I must have liked this blog a lot

This my second time posting it. Ho! Hum!