Treasures In The Garden


On the daily journey…….


It’s not about the destination

but, about the actual journey

 we are moving through.

 But, then again, 

it’s not all about the journey,

it’s also about

who we make the journey with. 


…….we need to observe our surroundings 

and who our travelling companions are.


My words for today are “travelling companions!”   



Welcome home…….

Treasures In The Garden


Home is where ……..


Home is where love resides,

 Memories are created,

Friends are always welcome,

And laughter never ends.


……. the heart belongs!


My word for today is “home“!

Sharing the caring


Treasures In The Garden

Don’t keep the goodies to ourselves…….


Don’t keep thankfulness to ourselves.

 Let the people close to us in our lives

know how we feel about them, OFTEN.

Sometimes the very best gift we can offer them 

is our love and positive energy.

                                                                   Everyday Power Blog


…….let’s go out to share and give

 My word today is “Thankfulness”!

A Prayer for today

Treasures In The Garden


Dear God:

Let me not look back on

what I could have done……..

But instead, let me look forward 

at what I still CAN do.


Rather than dreaming

 of what might have been …….

help me to have visions

of what I might BECOME.

Give to me greater dreams

for my present and future.


 Show me the battles 

You would have me fight.

Give me the strength and

  the will of mind and body

to continue fighting them

for all the days You have left for me.

                                                    The River Walk



My word for today is “gratitude.”

Good times with friends

Treasures In The Garden


Encouraging friends to eat good food too…….


Feed your friends good food with tenderness,

 gratefulness, encouragement and fun.

…….so they too can share in good health and well being.


There’s nothing like a meal shared with friends, laughter and story telling,

to bring lightness of heart and happiness to being together.

Keeping our planet up to scratch

Treasures In The Garden

Looking after our beautiful planet…..

Our planet is not only for we human beings.

Think about it!

 We need the flora, the fauna , the soil, the water ….and more

to keep our planet functioning in a healthy way.

  It is up to each and everyone of us to keep this happening………

…….Accountability, Integrity…….

A Philosophy of Kindness

Treasures In The Garden

Begin to create….

The joy that you experience,

 the smiles that flash in your direction

  the caring that you love to share

 the kindness you extend to others,

the happiness you cause for others,

 the support you offer,

 monetary giving

the effort you put in to what you do…..

ALL bring light and love

to the reality of living.

 BE the kindness of life!

                                          Dr. Jeff. Mulan

 Create a philosophy of kindness.