Counting Blessings

                    The winds chimes jangling their beautiful                           

                     music as they moved to a gentle breeze

From My Garden

Every experience I have benefits me.

I am in the process of positive change

 Today is the beginning of the rest of my life.

 I am beginning to participate in the 100% of my life that I have left to live.

 This morning I have been watching the opening ceremony for the Paralympics.

 I am really looking forward to watching these games, more so than the abled bodied Olympics. I realise how hard our able bodied olympians have to do what they do. I can only imagine and admire how hard the para- olympians had to work to get to where they are. These games, for me, are a reminder, just how lucky I have been to be born whole and have had reasonably good health for most of my life.

 Give up feeling sorry for myself.

Get on to participate in life.

Count my blessings instead of sorrows.

Love life.

Get inspired.

 Be motivated.

Be positive.

If these beautiful people can do it, so can I- so can YOU!

 The world can be such a beautiful place if we all participate in the game of life. C. 


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