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Give It a Go


Treasures In The Garden

Be inspired.

Look for your blessings.

We need to live our life

without living in fear.

We need to be ready to take a chance.

We cannot live our life

being afraid of what will happen next.

That is not what living our life is about.

                                                        Never Backwards

My word for to day is “LIVING!”

I WILL live in JOY!


Happy Mother’s day

Treasures In The Garden


We would like to wish all Mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day. And may all Mother’s who have passed away enjoy eternal HAPPINESS.

A prayer we said for all Mothers around the world, in church this morning:


God of LOVE

listen to this prayer.

 God of holy people, of Sarah, Ruth and Rebekha

  Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus,

bend down your ear to this request

and bless women of our families.

Bless them with strength of Spirit,

 they who have taught our children

how to stand and how to walk.

 Bless them with the melody of your LOVE,

 they who have shared how to speak,

how to sing and how to pray to You.

Bless them with a place at your eternal dinner table,

they who have fed and nurtured the lives 

that were helpless, but embraced in their LOVE.

 Bless the women of our families today,

now , in this lifetime, with good things, with health.

Bless them with joy, LOVE, laughter, and pride in our children

and surround them with many good friends.

 May the women who cared for young life

be carried one day to Your Divine embrace:

there for all eternity,

to rejoice with family and friends.

 This blessing and all graces, we pray,

 descend upon the women of our families. Amen.  

My word for today is “MOTHERING!”

I remember my Mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. Abraham LIncoln.

At this moment

Treasures In The Garden


How often do we take special people for granted….


How often do we tell the ones we love 

what they mean to us

and how grateful we are that they are part of our lives?

 How often do we willingly forgive 

those who have betrayed us,

 or hurt us sometime through our life?

How often do we remember that the ones we love

 will not remain here on earth with us forever?

We seem to take people in our life for granted.

We may leave it too late to reconcile or apologize.

But…… tomorrow may just be that bit too late!

So while we are alive we must never stop saying “I love you”, “thank you”

to those who bless our lives:

Appreciate people who are in our life,

be grateful for lessons learned,

forgive wrongs,

 rekindle bonds,

enjoy each moment of our life,

remember and value special people before they die.

All we have is this moment to express our love.

Create a space….

Treasures In The Garden


Create a space of peace….


Peace does not mean

an absence of conflict.

Differences will always be there

 Peace means solving

 those differences through

through peaceful means,

 through peaceful dialogue

through education,

through humane ways.

                               Dalai Lama

Create a space of peace, love, light, and blessings.

Blessings for the New Year

Treasures In The Garden

As the new year approaches….


Bless us all

 this  coming new year

with quietness of mind – 

Teach us to be patient

and always to be kind.

Show us that in quietness

we can feel a presence near,

filling us with peace and joy

throughout the entire year.

                          Helen Steiner Rice

My Prayer For You

Treasures In The Garden


I say a prayer for you today


I am asking the Lord to bless you

as I pray for you this day,

to guide you and protect you

 as you journey on your way.

May His love always be with you

His promises are true,

 and when you give Him all your cares,

 we know He’ll see you through.

So when that road you’re travelling

seems difficult at best

 just remember I’ll be here praying

and God will do the rest.

When there is nothing left but God

that is when you will find 

that God is all you need.

Believe and you CAN and WILL!