Life Is An Echo….

Treasures In The Garden

What we give out in goodness…….

LIFE is an ECHO.

What we SEND out

comes BACK.

What we SOW

we REAP.

What we GIVE

we GET.

What we SEE

in others

EXISTS in us.


LIFE is an ECHO.

 It always gets

back to us.


 chinese proverb


……. will hopefully return!

My word for today is “ECHOES”


Moving on to a better place


Treasures In The Garden

Having a bad day?

It’s just another day…….


 Don’t let

a bad 


…….make you

 feel like

you have

 a bad life.

….tomorrow will be better.

Positivity and Optimism.

My word for today is “OPTIMISM!” 

Making Connections

Treasures In The Garden


When difficulties arise in my life…….


An approach to keeping relationships on an even keel:


Talk things through,

try gentle persuasion,

Aim for reconciliation,

Try not to use accusation

……. I try hard to foster unity, acceptance, harmony and love.

 And if all else fails I pray.


My word for today is “HARMONY!”

Inner Winner

Treasures In The Garden


Happiness doesn’t come from outer circumstances but from inner assurance….

To be an inner winner I need to:

Count my blessings,

 Practice kindness,

Use my time wisely,

Listen to my heart,

Do my very best,

Let go the rest,


Go with the flow.


……. it comes from within!


My word for today is “HAPPINESS!”

A joy to behold

Treasures In The Garden


Attitude of gratitude…….


If we look at what we

 have not got in life……..

we don’t have anything.


If we look at what we

do have in life …….

We have everything.


…….joy is the key


My word for today is “Joy”!

Celebrate each new day

Treasures In The Garden


Making each day a cause for celebration.……


Celebrate each new morning

Give thanks for each new day!

…….will lead to a positive start to the journey through each and every brand new day!


Positive…. Peaceful….. Productive. 

 Make each day, the first day, of the rest of your life!