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Many Happy Returns

Treasures In The Garden


Did you know……that birthdays are very good for you?


 Statistics reveal 

 that people who have the most birthdays

live the longest.


Atta boy/ girl

 Go get ’em! 

Action Stations!


Commonsense Anyone?

Treasures In The Garden


Making sense of commonsense


Commonsense is a a knack

of seeing things 

as they are. 

And doing things as they ought to be done.

 Easy enough to do? 

My Prayer For You

Treasures In The Garden


I say a prayer for you today


I am asking the Lord to bless you

as I pray for you this day,

to guide you and protect you

 as you journey on your way.

May His love always be with you

His promises are true,

 and when you give Him all your cares,

 we know He’ll see you through.

So when that road you’re travelling

seems difficult at best

 just remember I’ll be here praying

and God will do the rest.

When there is nothing left but God

that is when you will find 

that God is all you need.

Believe and you CAN and WILL!

About Friendship

Treasures In The Garden

How can we tell who is our friend?

The people we love

don’t have to be exactly like us.

Life is too short for drama

and petty stuff.


kiss slowly

laugh insanely,

 love truly,

forgive quickly,


pray often

Friendship isn’t about

whom you have known the longest

It’s about those who came and stayed

 and never left your side and heart.

The Waiting is Over

Treasures In The Garden


What are you waiting for?


 Why do we wait…..

to tell those around us that we love them,

we forgive them,

 we need forgiveness

we are grateful.

Should we do this everyday?

We never know if this will be our last opportuinity ,today.






 I hope you are listening!