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Are you a winner?


Treasures In The Garden


What winning means……. when it is applied at home within family life…….


If we equate success in business with rewards of riches, power and fame,

 What rewards do we receive for the investment 

of generosity, services, and humility,

turning the other cheek,

loving each other unconditionally,

loving ourselves?

Is our reward “prosperity of spirit“?

Beautiful things take place in our lives

 when we distance ourselves from all that is negative……., 


…….and only build on being positive, productive and peaceful.

From little things big things grow!


Food for the journey

Treasures In The Garden

A recipe for sustenance on the way…..

1 cup of confidence:

  1 cup of love;

In a pan of happiness

Mix the above;

 Add a pinch of tenderness,

1 tablespoon of trust:

Stir well in the sunshine,

 Roll out a loving crust,

Flour with contentment,

 Keep all free from strife,

Fill with understanding

And bake well for all your life


Staying well equipped to continue the journey with strength.

Such simple things and yet so important to well being

Simple Tom

1. Sunshine

2. Beaches

3. Being able to make people smile :)

4. Being able to in someway help or inspire another person

5. laughing with my friends

6. Working out

7. Having random adventures with friends :P

8. Meditating

9. My family

10. Being able to live A.W.O.L. (another way of life) :)

What are 3 things that make you happy?


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Home is where the heart is

Treasures In The Garden


 Making a house a home…….

You cannot buy a home with silver or gold. 

For what makes a “house” a home can never be sold.

 A home must be paid for with loving and living,

With bearing, sharing and caring, loving and living,

And no matter how simple or humble its worth,

 A home is a bit of HEAVEN on earth.

So that’s how we create our own ” bit of heaven on earth”! 

Treasures In The Garden


What stirs my heart with joy and gratitude?

In the busyness of each day I pause and reflect.……

…..and ask for mindfulness

that raises my awareness

to feel the touch of God,

to hear the whisper of God 

and to see the beauty of God

 in all events that happen each day.

I look back on each day and ask myself where was the touch of God for me this day?

 And I sit with these images, and breathe, and quietly say a simple prayer of thanks for the things that were good this day.

Looking past our faults

Treasures In The Garden

Find Beauty and goodness…..


We need to water and fertilise the goodness within ourselves,

 just as we would water and fetilise the plants in our garden.

  We sometimes neglect to nurture the good inside us,

 and eventually that goodness could die.

 We need to realise the potential we have inside us.

One of the greatest gifts bestowed on us is

 the ability to reach past our faults and find

 that we have been gifted with beauty and goodness.

                                         Morning Story with Dilbert

The goodness is God living in our soul 

and the beauty is ourselves responding.

So let us look after ourselves and release our potential!