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Making a choice

Treasures In The Garden


The good choices I make…..


1590 - I CHOOSE...


……. help me to enjoy a better life!



Treasures In The Garden


The greatest achievement in my life…….



Like the branches on a tree

 We grow in different directions 

yet our roots remain as one.


……. are the children who still remain cossetted in my heart 

and I call “Family!”

Flowing LOVE out into the world

Treasures In The Garden

LOVE is the bridge…….

I am not here to be

“enlightenedor to

“wake” any other person up.

I am only trying to be the

BEST version of me that I

 can BE, and to flow as

much LOVE as possible out

into the world.

                             Sue Krebs


…….between YOU and EVERYTHING!

My word for today is “LOVE!”

Being yourself is truly the one thing no one else can do better than you can.

The journey keeps on keeping on….

Treasures In The Garden

Whilst on this journey…….

While on the journey called “Life”,

Take the good with the bad.

Smile even when you feel sad,

Love what you’ve got,

Remember what you had,

 Always Forgive,

You don’t have to forget,

Learn by the mistakes you have made…

But never Regret.

 People change,

 Things can go wrong.


the journey still goes on.

                            Carole Herman

…….life goes on. And if we stop, we get left behind!


My word for today is “Journey!”



Seeking only the best

Treasures In The Garden


We need to look past…….


One of the greatest gifts 

That we can personally possess

is to be able to look beyond 

another person’s “thorns

and find the “rosewithin


…….the faults and find the goodness.


My word today is “gifts.”

Reaching our potential

Treasures In The Garden


Don’t forget……..


We tend to neglect to water

the good within ourselves,

 and eventually the good can die.

 And if the good dies

 we won’t reach our potential.

                                  Dilbert in the morning

…….to nurture the “goodness garden” within ourselves.


My word for today is “Nurture!”  

The best day ever

Treasures In The Garden


Believe in yourself…….

Believe within your heart

That something wonderful

is about to happen for you.

Believe in the power you have within you.

Believe in your own potential.

Believe in your own special goodness.

 Wake each morning feeling at peace.

 Greet each new morning

in awe of being alive.


……. Wake to each morning  with gratitude

My word for today is “Believe!”