Family First

Treasures In The Garden

 What we need…….. is each other. 

 That is our most precious gift.

The greatest treasure in one’s life

is one’s family.

We may not be the perfect family,

but we love each other

with all our heart          

Timeless Reminder

Family is where we love, learn, share, are significant, gain character, are always a success, be important, and are always very special.


I choose to live with joy in my heart.

My word for today is “FAMILY!” 


Evolving Journey

Treasures In The Garden


        The secret of being content is a realisation that life is a gift...

not a given right.

Never forget that the journey through life

is forever evolving. The ups and downs

we experience will be many. Things won’t

always go the way we want them to.

Life never gives us more than we have

 the ability to manage. Never let a stumble

 along the way put an end to our journey.

If we are not challenged…. then we won’t GROW!

Blogged by A Rainbow Fish 

in An Unlikely Genius

My word for today is “JOURNEY!”

I WILL live with JOY in my life!


An Exciting World

Treasures In The Garden

Reflect on inspiring affirmations which can unlock your creativity ,encourage mindfulness and soothe anxiety.

We are more than how we look.

We are more than the things we own.

Our souls are beautiful.

We all have a part to play in this beautiful and exciting world.

We all have a part to play in this beautiful and exciting world.

Beauty is only skin deep. It’s what’s in our soul that makes us who we are.

My word for today “MORE!”

I WILL live in Joy!

The Benefits of Friendship

Treasures In The Garden

We can have freedom of choice in who are our friends…….

…….and we are free to pursue whatever makes our hearts SING!

In the sweetness

of friendship,

let there be

laughter and tears

and the sharing of pleasure.

My word for today is “FRIENDSHIP!”

Who Is The Teacher Here?

Treasures In The Garden


   As we are living our day- today life, we often fail to see that…….



While we teach

our children about life,

our children teach us

 what life is all about.



…….while we are teaching and giving example, we, too, are also learning new things.


My word for today is “LEARNING!”

Improving One’s Beauty

Treasures In The Garden


Always having  kindness thoughts…….


If you think

good thoughts,

they will shine

from your face like

the light of sunbeams,

and you will always


                     Amelia Earhart

…….will improve  inner and outer beauty!


My word for today is “IMPROVEMENT!”