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What Are You Dreaming?


Treasures In The Garden

Follow that dream……..

Life is an adventure

filled with dreams.

Live your adventures.

Live your dreams.

Share the music of

your soul. Follow your

 heart,wherever it takes you.

……. wherever that dream may lead you !

My word for today is “DREAM!”


Meeting the challenge

Treasures In The Garden

Success is not something to wait for…….


Wherever the future may lead us

May we always have the wisdom and strength

to follow our dreams….

the courage and ambition

to meet our new challenges….

and may we know the the happiness and pride

that comes with success.

…….but it is something to work hard for.

My word for today is “WORKING!”

Dreams of LOVE


Treasures In The Garden


Keeping our dreams alive……. 


There are often moments in life

when someone we care about

 can be missed so much

that we just want to pick them up

from our dreams

and hug them for real.


……. with memories of those we love and miss in our daily life.


My word for today is”MEMORIES!” 

Dare to be Courageous

Treasures In The Garden


Wish  it……. Dream it…….


Stand up straight,

speak out our heartfelt truths,

declare our inner thoughts,

so that we may share with all who want to hear;

 Be bold,

 Proclaim our dreams, thoughts and aspirations in many places:

 For only the courageous ones who dare 

will get to live a life of fulfillment.


…….Do It!   My word for today is “COURAGEOUS!”

Beginning AGAIN…….

Treasures In The Garden


Don’t be scared when things go wrong…..


If one of your


Falls apart

and breaks into

 a thousand little pieces,

 Do not be afraid.

 Pick up one of those little pieces


Soul Writings


…….pick up a thread and just move on to a better place!


My word for today is “DREAMS!”

Hugging Time



Treasures In The Garden



I miss my kids…….


There are moments in life

when you can miss some one

 so very much 

 that you just want to

pick them from your dreams

 and hug them for real.


…….I miss having family.


                               My word for today is “Hugs!”

The right time

Treasures In The Garden


Stay with what we know…….


One day ….

we will reach a time in our life

 where the decision to remain with the familiar

or take a big risk

and try out one of our dreams.

We may be truly amazed at what we are capable of…..

….lets FLY!


……. or fly with one of our Dreams…….


My word for today is “Decisions”.