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Dreams of LOVE


Treasures In The Garden


Keeping our dreams alive……. 


There are often moments in life

when someone we care about

 can be missed so much

that we just want to pick them up

from our dreams

and hug them for real.

……. with memories of those we love and miss in our daily life.


My word for today is”MEMORIES!” 

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Dreams Do Come True

Treasures In The Garden

What we want for our children is reaching fruition…….

We don’t want our 


to follow in 

our footsteps.

We want them 

to take the path

next to us,

and go further

than we could have

 ever dreamt 


…….They have done everything we prayed/ hoped for and more!

My word for today is “DREAMS!”

The Benefits of Friendship

Treasures In The Garden

We can have freedom of choice in who are our friends…….

…….and we are free to pursue whatever makes our hearts SING!

In the sweetness

of friendship,

let there be

laughter and tears

and the sharing of pleasure.

My word for today is “FRIENDSHIP!”