A Job Well Done


Some rainbow lorikeets decided to visit- such great chatter boxes and such flighty natures. 


From My Garden

I find that it is much easier to do a good job while I am doing things, rather than do a shoddy one and have to fix it later.

I think that is called having pride in one’s achievements.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I still have 100% of my life left to live.

My Mum used to say ‘if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly’. And for someone who was never going to be like her Mother, I’ve done a good job at looking like her in “my living longer” years and living up to lots of her sayings, which I am very good at quoting I must say.

 And I’m always saying  ‘why spend all that time doing something the wrong way when you can spend the same amount of time doing it the right way!’

  A story I love to tell is that one of our kids would be asked to tidy up his room…. and he would – and his room would be spotless. And a week or so later I would go right into his room to put away folded clothes, or some such thing, and all the tidy would be stacked up behind his chest of drawers where I couldn’t see it from the doorway. And he would have been given praise for a job well done. How long it must have taken him to stack that mess there when it could have taken the same amount of time to put the things where they went.Gives us all a good laugh now he is grown up and hopefully knows the value of time.

Another of my sayings is ” the time wasted, is life wasted. We can’t get it back.’

 Today was church day- Father Dan’s last day. Father John will be back from his travel to Vietnam next week.

Father Dan spoke about how we can spend some time with God each day. He gave us 3 suggestions:

1. To look in every day life at the good things we have in our life, to look for the good in people.

2. To spend 5 minutes reading the word. To listen to what God is trying to tell us through the Word. Quite often that is explained in the weekly sermon.

3. And to spend some time in prayer or spiritual mediatation.

 And I thought, how easy is that!

 I’m with God when I listen to people talk and hear the goodness in there living.

I am at church and I am with other good people listening to the Word and understanding God’s message to me.

I am at home peeling the potatoes and can pray for my sick friend, or a thank you prayer for a good day or the sunshine or a great family.

 So I can spend time with God no matter what I am doing. How wonderful!

 I have completed my project part of the day doing my most favourite gardening chore – pruning. I can’t wait for the new leaves to start sprouting once spring is here. That is my reward for the time I spend in the garden. 

I hope your day has been as happy as mine and that you too did your most favourite thing today.C

 I know that if I am to participate in the game of life I really must appreciate each very special moment of it.


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