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Attitude Gratitude

Treasures In The Garden

Make every day count…….

Be grateful for

every second of 

every day that you

get to spend with

the people you love

LIFE is so very


Soul Writings

……. every second is precious.

My word for today is “PRECIOUS!”


A Special Day

Treasures In The Garden


Every day is a special occasion…….

We should not save anything for a special occasion:

Everyday we wake up is a special occasion.

There are things that we have not yet seen.

There are things we have seen and done

and not yet realized they were special.

Savour, not endure. Try to recognize the special moments and cherish them.

We must not take tomorrow for granted ….

see old friends we haven’t seen in ages

Call family,

 Apologize, mend fences,

Write that special letter, 

Tell our family and partner that we LOVE them

.add laughter and lustre to our lives

when we open our eyes and realize “today is SPECIAL!”

Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second is a gift!

Anne Wells (New York Times)

That’s what makes every day so SPECIAL!

……. because we are ALIVE!


My word for today is “SPECIAL!”

A Job Well Done

Some oldies but some good thoughts too.



Some rainbow lorikeets decided to visit-such great chatter boxes and such flighty natures. 


From My Garden

I find that it is much easier to do a good job while I am doing things, rather than do a shoddy one and have to fix it later.

I think that is called having pride in one’s achievements.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I still have 100% of my life left to live.

My Mum used to say ‘if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly’. And for someone who was never going to be like her Mother, I’ve done a good job at looking like her in “my living longer” years and living up to lots of her sayings, which I am very good at quoting I must say.

 And I’m always saying  ‘why spend all that time doing something the wrong waywhen you can…

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Happy Mother’s day

Treasures In The Garden


We would like to wish all Mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day. And may all Mother’s who have passed away enjoy eternal HAPPINESS.

A prayer we said for all Mothers around the world, in church this morning:


God of LOVE

listen to this prayer.

 God of holy people, of Sarah, Ruth and Rebekha

  Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus,

bend down your ear to this request

and bless women of our families.

Bless them with strength of Spirit,

 they who have taught our children

how to stand and how to walk.

 Bless them with the melody of your LOVE,

 they who have shared how to speak,

how to sing and how to pray to You.

Bless them with a place at your eternal dinner table,

they who have fed and nurtured the lives 

that were helpless, but embraced in their LOVE.

 Bless the women of our families today,

now , in this lifetime, with good things, with health.

Bless them with joy, LOVE, laughter, and pride in our children

and surround them with many good friends.

 May the women who cared for young life

be carried one day to Your Divine embrace:

there for all eternity,

to rejoice with family and friends.

 This blessing and all graces, we pray,

 descend upon the women of our families. Amen.  

My word for today is “MOTHERING!”

I remember my Mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. Abraham LIncoln.


Treasures In The Garden

Happy People

Some people are lucky enough to be full of the joys of life. And it’s not always the people who are famous, money rich,attractive, slim,who are the happy ones. Real happiness is something which is deep in our soul, it’s attitude, it’s a choice we make. Not every day is a diamond but how we help ourselves to get through our dilemmas, and our gratitude for what we have is what gets us  in a better place.

 Here are some habits that can be made part of our everyday life:

DECIDE to be happy.

Embrace and cultivate the positive.

NOURISH our physical body.

Good food,sleep, exercise, fresh air, hydration are the keys.


Tap into your passion. Keep on keeping on. Love what you do.

Find “your” PEOPLE!

They’ll like you for you. Stay away from the negative.


 Be thankful for big things and small. Keep a gratitude journal.


STUFF will not make us happy. It may only bring us debt.

FOCUS energy on what matters most.

Forget the past. Don’t fret for the future.

Don’t compare ourselves to others. We are our own unique selves.

Every day is worth celebrating.

 Bring out the “good” tableware, wear the nicest dress/shirt.

Donate our unique talents.

 Volunteers report great happiness, better health,

connectedness to community and the wider world.

“Fall seven times, get up eight”- Japanese proverb.

Problems are only temporary setbacks, learning curves, NEVER defeat.

Let HURTS go! They only hinder happiness. 

Throw away the trash

Give up chronic stress. BREATHE EASY!

Look for GOOD in all people.

 Be generous with our compliments. Be kind to all whom we meet.

Lift others up…. lift up ourselves.

RELAX…….be Happy!

from an article in Better Homes and Garden


Healthy Living With Nature

Start small. Put one thing into your life at a time. When you feel this has become part of your life and you can do it easily and you can see the benefit of what you are doing…. then start on a new thing- but not before it is part of your life.

More of the good stuff for Healthy Living.

On our journey we found it so important to stay HYDRATED. The optimum level of FILTERED water to consume is about 2 litres per person per day- plain filtered water. We use tank water which we filter twice to be sure we are getting the cleanest water possible, into our bodies.


If you want to get away from dairy it’s possible to make your own milk.

We started at first making OAT MILK which is supposed to be good for the heart. First we bought ready made, but once we realised we could make our own (and it is much cheaper) we moved to that. First we used organic ROLLED OATS. Then we found OAT GROATS at the ORGANIC SHOP.

To make the OAT MILK  we needed a BLENDER

                                                         A NUT BAG

                                                                              A GLASS JAR (to store the                                                milk)

                                                                  and a  JUG to milk your liquid into.

We also needed 3/4 cup of organic rolled oats or oat groats (Soaked in your water for a short while before blending)

2 1/2 cups of filtered/ distilled/ tank/ water

Place all the ingredients into your blender

and blend until liquid

Pour this liquid into your nut bag

– and milk the liquid through the bag into your jug.

Place your milk into a glass jar for storing.Keep covered and refrigerate.

You will be left with solids. These can be recycled  into curries, biscuits, cakes or into your smoothies

ORGANIC Almond, cashew coconut Milk (Flakes) can be made in the same way- Nuts to be soaked overnight and coconut flakes soaked in warm water.

We alternate the kind of milk we make. Any of these are very YUMMY. – just give a different taste to whatever you are using the milk for.


 It is important to use your milk quickly. It doesn’t keep for more than a couple of days.  Fresh food, and made from scratch food creations, are always best eaten and not stored for long periods. This is so very important when eating “HEALTHILY!” THE FRESHER THE BETTER! 

Fresh AIR keeps the head clear!