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Reaching out to each other

                                                                  Indoor garden

   From My Garden

         Drop a stone into the water –

     In a moment it is gone,

       but there are a hundred ripples

           circling on, and on, and on.


            Say an unkind word this moment-

        in a moment it is gone

            but there are a hundred ripples

                circling on, and on, and on.


                       Say a word of cheer and splendor –

                                                         in a moment it is gone

                                                    but there are a hundred ripples

                                                         circling on, and on, and on. 


Today is all yours…..

A Shady retreat

      From My Garden


When the sun comes up and you wake for the day,

And the dew drops, and falls sparkling on the leaves so green ,

and the breeze sings its song and the wind chimes tinkle their joyful sounds,

and the clouds dance in the magnificent blue yonder….

and the mountains echo their wisdom and bird song resounds in the distance,

and the rivers and streams ripple along with merry mirth and tinkling laughter,

and the planets pirouette through space,

and the stars tiptoe gently, softly round the moon…..

today is all yours……

made especially for you – to enjoy and admire,

because you are special and unique

and deserve the vey best life can offer.

A Winter’s Day

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 There is no greater journey than to follow the path of my dreams, to create my destiny, to live my life fully, and experience all that life has to offer me.

 I cannot choose all the experiences that will come into my life but I can choose how to handle them.

 Well, after a lot of busy days I am at last finding time to blog again this week, and last week we celebrated two important times in our church season.

 Last week was Ascension when Jesus said goodbye to earth and moved permanently to heaven, leaving behind his legacy of love and caring for the apostles to share with the rest of the world.

 And this week is Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles to empower them  with the ability to speak in different languages so that the messages God wanted to convey could be understood by everybody.

And we here are also left with the same legacy of love and caring and peace to share with those we meet in our everday lives.

 We have been lucky enough to share our home with our cousins this weekend. We have had an amazing time conversing and sharing our comings and goings and family experiences with each other.

 Yesterday we attended a thanksgiving day to show generous members of our community the appreciation of the citizens in our little town for good things they have done for people in need.  It was sponsored by local combined Christian Churches. We had a picnic lunch, shared some hilarious games. and some guessing competitions ( I won one of those), and children’s races. It was a really good reason to get together to celebrate.

Today we said goodbye to our visitors. We are alone again.

We have had some lovely rain, some very cold weather, some gorgeous sunshine and fluffy white clouds in our region today. We have loved warming around our beautiful fire, eating lots of hot soup and stews and enjoying the change in our climate this week.

Sharing our toasty warm fire

What has been good  for me this week?Having our family visit with us, attending the thanksgiving picnic.

 What I have been grateful for this week.

Being cared about, feeling well and having somewhere to feel warm and toasty.

 God in my life

Attending church, having good and kind people in my life, daily prayer. I no longer have my little white book to read each night, so I am feeling a bit lost. Our next little book won’t come out until Advent is on it’s way, which is a long way away. I will have to find something else to fill that time.

 If I am going to participate in the game of life I will need to appreciate each precious moment.

 So till the next time we meet let happiness go with you as you go. And let that happiness grow…. and as it expands and grows within your heart…. pass it on. Peace be with you, C.

Being happy is….

                  In my succulent patch again

                               From My Garden

                           I find that

          Being happy is not owning things.

                    It is having inner peace,

                           a spiritual glow,

                    a reaching out to others,

                            love of self,

          appreciation of the good things in life,

                         having dreams.

Make a positive choice

Another view of the newly mulched mulberry tree garden.

   From My Garden

I get a choice in life.

I can look on the bright side or the dark side of

my experiences. I choose to to look at the light.

“Let there be light”. 

“Look on the bright side”.