Dare to be Courageous

Treasures In The Garden


Wish  it……. Dream it…….


Stand up straight,

speak out our heartfelt truths,

declare our inner thoughts,

so that we may share with all who want to hear;

 Be bold,

 Proclaim our dreams, thoughts and aspirations in many places:

 For only the courageous ones who dare 

will get to live a life of fulfillment.


…….Do It!   My word for today is “COURAGEOUS!”


You Choose

Treasures In The Garden


Everything you go through ……. grows you!

When we make a choice to LOVE

Forgive, be joyful, and at peace,

 We create a perfect setting 

for our mind, body, and emotions

 To heal.

 We are all in this together!



Let us help each other.

                             Soul Writings


Love is the bridge between YOU and EVERYTHING!

My word for today “Choice!”

Giving, sharing, gratitude

Treasures In The Garden


Giving and sharing


How do we say thank you

 for sunshine, good health……

For beautiful weather, for falling rain,

 for being happy, for having joy and love

 We can say thanks by 

sharing things that we have.

 We can say thanks and make the world

 a better place to live in, in tiny meaningful ways.

                                                                                   Soul Writings

Blessed are they who give.…..

We can put smiles on faces,

 bring flagging spirits to life,

 reinforce with positivity

            make an impact on the life of another…..

          …….it need only be the simplest act

                                                                                                           Simple Tom

So  let’s go out and and give

Meaning To Life

Treasures In The Garden


Friends forever?


There are those who pass us

like ships in the night ,

Who we meet for a moment,

then sail out of sight,

with never a backwards

 glance of regret:

 folks we know briefly

 then quickly forget.

Then there are friends

who sail on together

through quiet waters

 and stormy weather

helping each other

through joy and through strife.

And……they are the kind

who give meaning to life!

My Prayer For You

Treasures In The Garden


I say a prayer for you today


I am asking the Lord to bless you

as I pray for you this day,

to guide you and protect you

 as you journey on your way.

May His love always be with you

His promises are true,

 and when you give Him all your cares,

 we know He’ll see you through.

So when that road you’re travelling

seems difficult at best

 just remember I’ll be here praying

and God will do the rest.

When there is nothing left but God

that is when you will find 

that God is all you need.

Believe and you CAN and WILL!