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Being Extra…..Ordinary

Treasures In The Garden


You can have an extraordinary life if you…….


if you believe in yourself

and follow your dreams…….

say into the mirror everyday

“I am extraordinary!” 

                                        Robyn Moore


Rising Above the “CRAP!”

Treasures In The Garden


There are four thieves of Laughter,

Love, Family, Integrity, Success

Satisfaction, Leadership, Passion,

Peace, Solutions, Results, Enthusiasm, Maturity …….and YOU!




Check for “CRAP ATTACKS” in your life!


Give them a name! See what they steal from you humanity…….

then get back into living your life!

                                                                                            Robyn Moore

What wonderful stuff we can have in our lives if we can only rise above the “CRAP”!

Random Acts of Gratitude

Treasures In The Garden

Want to release the lock to the secret of happiness…….

 When did you last pause to contemplate

 how really wonderful your life is right now?

 It’s pretty easy to take our everyday lives for granted.

The busyness of our lives doesn’t leave 

much time for reflection.

 We are much better at focusing in on what we don’t have

instead of appreciating all the good things we have 

and all the things that go right in our lives:


 Count your blessings– there are more of them than you think

Think positive-shift from negative to positive in every

 situation you encounter

Have an attitude of gratitude– practice thankfulness

 until it becomes second nature.

Enjoy the moments 

See the beauty in all that surrounds you

 Enjoy the miracles in all the small things that you do.

Be optimistic.

Live life to the fullest.

Be open-hearted and willing to look at the world with fresh eyes.

                                                             Better Homes and Gardens

Well, you already hold the keys…….

just turn the key, the door will open, let your journey begin.


Celebrate each new day

Treasures In The Garden


Making each day a cause for celebration.……


Celebrate each new morning

Give thanks for each new day!

…….will lead to a positive start to the journey through each and every brand new day!


Positive…. Peaceful….. Productive. 

 Make each day, the first day, of the rest of your life! 

A life of Inspiration

Treasures In The garden


Starting today…….

How I live out my life

Is the encouraging message I send out to the world

 I will make sure that the message that I send  out 

 Is a message of inspiration…….


……. I will be positive, peaceful and productive and inspirational.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Treasures In The Garden

Let today be the day you find good in all whom you meet…….


Be the one to bring humanity to the world.

Be the one who reaches out to touch 

another person’s heart with your kindness.

Be the one who reaches out to touch 

another person’s mind with your words.

Be the one who who reaches out and touches

 another person’s life with your your Love!

                                                                       Jeff Mullan


…….and respect the journey they are travelling.