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If you are one of these special people in my life, I love you. Thank you for being part of my life


Treasures In The garden

Friendship has shown me how good life can be….

Once in a while someone comes along,

 who just very naturally makes everyone feel

a little happier,

a little more alive to life.


My friend,

 you’ve been that someone to me.

You have given me perspective

on a lot of things – including myself.

I admire you, my friend,for so many reasons….

For your warmhearted nature,

 for making our times together, so special,

 for the way you let me know I can always share my feelings with you.

There are things you said to me that i always remember, and ways that you have helped me that I’ll never forget.

The times we spend together are always good times. that 

 always leave me looking forward to the next time.

It’s good to say in so many words

 how you’ve made my world a…

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The Gift

our gifts are all around us. We need to open our eyes and LOOK!


Treasures In The Garden

From Singapore

Journey‘s End…


I once set sail
for a distant horizon
and I found myself adrift
in a vast blue sea.
I kept my vision primed
on what lay ahead of me.
No matter what I had,
I knew there must be
something more,
way off in the distance
on a faraway shore.
I didn’t see the beauty
of the stars on high.
I was oblivious of the rainbows
after the clouds passed by.
It took me such a while
to finally comprehend,
that the gift was the journey
not what I would find at the end.

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Wow! What a gift.

  I was looking too far ahead!

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A gift for Every day

Treasures In The Garden

Each day is a gift…….

 and as long as my eyes are open

I’ll focus on this new day,

and all the happy memories

That I have kept stored away

……. and happiness will always be mine.

My word for today is ” GIFTS”