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Hugging Time



Treasures In The Garden



I miss my kids…….


There are moments in life

when you can miss some one

 so very much 

 that you just want to

pick them from your dreams

 and hug them for real.


…….I miss having family.


                               My word for today is “Hugs!”


Making an observation


Treasures In The Garden

Looking and seeing……….

As we make our daily journey

 we need to see that

it is not happiness

 that makes us grateful

it is having gratitude

 That gives us happiness


……. may take us to a different space on our life’s journey.


My word for today is “Seeing!”

Accumulation of wealth

Treasures In The Garden


Accumulating material things…….

Focus in on non-material values

and their amazing benefits.

Enjoy the beauty of a sunset/ sunrise.

Forget watching television.

Look after our health

 -take a walk

-play with children.

Recognize that consumerism

does not improve our own well being,

or that of our nation


…….has camouflaged the riches

we have within ourselves, in our country and in nature.