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Dreams Do Come True

Treasures In The Garden

What we want for our children is reaching fruition…….

We don’t want our 


to follow in 

our footsteps.

We want them 

to take the path

next to us,

and go further

than we could have

 ever dreamt 


…….They have done everything we prayed/ hoped for and more!

My word for today is “DREAMS!”


Happy Mother’s day

Treasures In The Garden


We would like to wish all Mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day. And may all Mother’s who have passed away enjoy eternal HAPPINESS.

A prayer we said for all Mothers around the world, in church this morning:


God of LOVE

listen to this prayer.

 God of holy people, of Sarah, Ruth and Rebekha

  Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus,

bend down your ear to this request

and bless women of our families.

Bless them with strength of Spirit,

 they who have taught our children

how to stand and how to walk.

 Bless them with the melody of your LOVE,

 they who have shared how to speak,

how to sing and how to pray to You.

Bless them with a place at your eternal dinner table,

they who have fed and nurtured the lives 

that were helpless, but embraced in their LOVE.

 Bless the women of our families today,

now , in this lifetime, with good things, with health.

Bless them with joy, LOVE, laughter, and pride in our children

and surround them with many good friends.

 May the women who cared for young life

be carried one day to Your Divine embrace:

there for all eternity,

to rejoice with family and friends.

 This blessing and all graces, we pray,

 descend upon the women of our families. Amen.  

My word for today is “MOTHERING!”

I remember my Mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. Abraham LIncoln.

Heart Strings


Treasures In The Garden

Your heart is where you’ll find…….


LISTEN… to your heart!

 It harbours sacred things.

GIVE… from your heart!

 What abundance it brings.

PRAY… through your heart!

For the guidance in need.

FOLLOW,,, your heart!

 It knows how and where to lead.

                                   Paul Mark Sutherland

……. all the reasoning, and inspiration to have a wonderful life.

My word for today is “HEART!”

Christmas Courage

Treasures In The Garden


Wouldn’t it be wonderful…….


Those we love don’t have to

 be exactly like ourselves.

Life is too short for drama 

and petty stuff.


kiss s-l-o-w-l-y,

laugh insanely,

LOVE truly,

forgive quickly,

and pray often!


Friendship isn’t about whom

 we’ve known the l  o  n  g  e  s  t.

 It’s about those who came

and never left our heart.


……. if we could remember good stuff, every minute of every day!


My word for today is “Friendship”! 

Still on the journey

Treasures In The Garden

The ABC’s 




Accept your reality

 Be present. Be bold.

  Create something Exciting!

   Drink plenty of water. Dance!

    Exercise daily. Eat fresh food.

     Feel your emotions. Face your fear.

      Go outside and observe nature. Give…….

       Hug often. Help others.

        Ignite your passion.

         Jump through your comfort zone.

          Kiss passionately. Keep looking forward.

          Laugh. Love. Learn to let go.

          Meditate daily. Make goals. Make Love passionately.

          Never give up on what you want.

          Own a pet. Observe beauty.

          Pray. Paint.Play an instrument.

         Quit a bad habit.Quiet your mind.

         Read. Relax. Reinvent yourself.

         Smile. Sleep. Simplify.

         Take power naps. Talk wisely.

         Unleash your strengths.

         Vent. Visualise your dreams.

        Walk. Write. Watch the sunset.

       Xerox your smiling face.

      Yell less. Yield to your thoughts.

     Zap negativity. 


Sent to me by my beautiful Daughter- in -law, Marjo, whom I love dearly.

Good ideals to live by. 

Divine promise

Treasures In The Garden


Thy Will Be Done….


God did not promise “sun without rain”,

“light without darkness”-“

He only promised us” strength for the day

When the “darkness comes” and we lose our way,

For only through sorrow do we grow more aware

That God is our refuge in times of despair.……

For when we are happy and life’s bright and fair,

we often forget to kneel down in prayer,

But God seems much closer and needed much more

when trouble and sorrow stand outside our door-

 For then we seek shelter in His wondrous love

and we ask Him to send help from above……

And that is the reason we know it is true

That bright, shining hours and dark, sad ones, too,

Are part of the plan God made for each one,

and all we can pray is “THY WILL BE DONE”.

Wishing you Joy

What will greet you when you visit, beside the front entrance to our home.


From My Garden

I Keep my thoughts centred on

what I wish to experience in my life.

 I have the rest of my life left to live fully and enjoy.


There is 100% of my life left to live.


I am centering my positive thoughts on a new car that can pull our caravan, appearing in my life.

Wouldn’t that be so wonderful ? How this can happen I can visualise and hope and….pray!

I know miracles have happened to others like this before…. why not me!


One of my friends is hoping to sell her house. She has an affirmation written up and sitting on a table facing her front door to the effect. I have not yet written my affirmation out yet, but I am getting closer. Here’s HOPING…… and PRAYING!


 I hope that that positive things are happening for you in your life, that you are busy and happy and full of joy.C.