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Christmas Courage

Treasures In The Garden


Wouldn’t it be wonderful…….


Those we love don’t have to

 be exactly like ourselves.

Life is too short for drama 

and petty stuff.


kiss s-l-o-w-l-y,

laugh insanely,

LOVE truly,

forgive quickly,

and pray often!


Friendship isn’t about whom

 we’ve known the l  o  n  g  e  s  t.

 It’s about those who came

and never left our heart.


……. if we could remember good stuff, every minute of every day!


My word for today is “Friendship”! 


Following along…….

Treasures In The Garden

Another to do list for today…….


Think positively


Live simply

Hug tightly

Give generously

Laugh loudly

Smile brightly

Love unconditionally

Speak kindly

Dream nightly.

                    Soul Writings


…….to keep on track of nurturing the soul.


My word for today is “nurturin

Still on the journey

Treasures In The Garden

The ABC’s 




Accept your reality

 Be present. Be bold.

  Create something Exciting!

   Drink plenty of water. Dance!

    Exercise daily. Eat fresh food.

     Feel your emotions. Face your fear.

      Go outside and observe nature. Give…….

       Hug often. Help others.

        Ignite your passion.

         Jump through your comfort zone.

          Kiss passionately. Keep looking forward.

          Laugh. Love. Learn to let go.

          Meditate daily. Make goals. Make Love passionately.

          Never give up on what you want.

          Own a pet. Observe beauty.

          Pray. Paint.Play an instrument.

         Quit a bad habit.Quiet your mind.

         Read. Relax. Reinvent yourself.

         Smile. Sleep. Simplify.

         Take power naps. Talk wisely.

         Unleash your strengths.

         Vent. Visualise your dreams.

        Walk. Write. Watch the sunset.

       Xerox your smiling face.

      Yell less. Yield to your thoughts.

     Zap negativity. 


Sent to me by my beautiful Daughter- in -law, Marjo, whom I love dearly.

Good ideals to live by. 

Laughter is the best medicine

Treasures In The Garden


Making laughter part of daily activity…….


Stop worryingstart living– 

explore possibilities in unknown lands

Take time for yourself 

– and laugh each day –

 life’s gifts are in YOUR hands.


…….helps us heal in a pleasant way! 

Loving Me- Being Me

Treasures In The Garden


When you need something to believe in

start by believing in YOURSELF: 



I love the exciting life I lead ,

 I love my warm loving heart,, I really care about my body.

 I love my home and where I live,

I love my inquiring mind

I love my little idiosyncrasies,

        I love my weird sense of humour,

I love my my hazel eyes, I love my Family.

I love to be inspiring and I love to be inspiration to others,

I love being vibrant and enthused, I love thinking deep thoughts,

 I love to sleep, I love to drink cold water,

 I love to sing, I love to laugh,

I love to create exciting things, I love my beautiful soul.


and the “me” who is really me!

                                                                                                                         pure truth  

Promote the things that you love in life,

 NOT the things you dislike!

                                                                 soul writings