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Change of life.

Treasures In The Garden

Change the way we look at things and things we look at CHANGE ……

Don’t mix our bad words

with our bad mood.

We have many

opportunities to change a

mood, but …….we never get

the opportunity to replace

the words we have spoken in anger.


I am sorry if you have ever been the victim of my bad moods and anger.

I wish could change what I’ve done, but i can’t take it back.

I can only ask that you accept me for who I am now.

I choose to live each day with joy in my heart.

My word for today is “SORRY!”


Living Life to the Fullest

Treasures In The Garden

Life is for living, not just existing.

Life is short, live it.

Love is rare, grab it.

Anger is bad, dump it

Fear is awful, face it.

Memories are sweet, cherish them.

We live life for such a short while to be spending it being unhappy.

My word for today is “LIVING!”

Rising Above the “CRAP!”

Treasures In The Garden


There are four thieves of Laughter,

Love, Family, Integrity, Success

Satisfaction, Leadership, Passion,

Peace, Solutions, Results, Enthusiasm, Maturity …….and YOU!




Check for “CRAP ATTACKS” in your life!


Give them a name! See what they steal from you humanity…….

then get back into living your life!

                                                                                            Robyn Moore

What wonderful stuff we can have in our lives if we can only rise above the “CRAP”!