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Give It a Go


Treasures In The Garden

Be inspired.

Look for your blessings.

We need to live our life

without living in fear.

We need to be ready to take a chance.

We cannot live our life

being afraid of what will happen next.

That is not what living our life is about.

                                                        Never Backwards

My word for to day is “LIVING!”

I WILL live in JOY!


Transforming the Day

Treasures In The Garden


Just a few minutes each day…….


I choose.

to live by CHOICE,

not by chance;

to make changes,



not manipulated;

 to be useful, not USED;

to excel, not compete.

I choose….

Self Esteem,

not self pity;

I choose….

to LISTEN to my inner voice,

not the random OPINIONS of others.

                                              The Stencilsmith

…….making the right choices, can transform my day.


My word for today is “TRANSFORM!”  

Practice Positive Thinking


Treasures In The Garden


Get a happiness fix.……


Being a success:

 is liking yourself,

liking what you do,

liking how you do it. 

…….hang out with a happy person.

Your chances of being positive and happy will automatically rise.


My word for today is “SUCCESS!” 

Keeping Busy

Treasures In The Garden


To Do List…….



Move purposely



Encourage others

Take chances

Live in the moment


 Be kind

Fill your body with fuel

 Choose happy


 Challenge yourself


be you

                   The Happsters

……. and fill your life with possibilities and empowerment!


My word for today is “Empowerment”!

Love Life’s Dance

Treasures In The Garden

Choosing to Love and take a chance…….


Yes, it is this very simple

choose Love, and take a chance

Zest for Love and sharing that Love

 and what we have to share,

 will lead us in Life’s wonderful dance.

The verses I have shared in the last couple of weeks have come from a card, written by Suzanna Michaelis, and given to me for my birthday from my wonderful children Bek and Christian whom I love dearly.

Hope you liked and appreciated as much as I did.

……..will lead us on a merry dance! 

Taking Chances

Treasures In The Garden


What Insight will I gain?

 Please don’t cry because something has ended.

Smile because it has happened.

 Maybe this will be a new beginning.


May be we need to take a chance on trying something new.

Unless we do we’ll never know 

how absolutely perfect

 that new something may turn out to be.


Chances are, the chances are, awfully good!