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An Optimistic View

Treasures In The Garden

Let there be peace on earth…

and let it begin with me.

How different life would be

if we stopped making negative

judgmental  assumptions about

people that we meet on life’s pathway.

Let us begin today looking 

for the good in everyone 

who touches our life,

and respect the journey

that they too are making upon this earth.

                                               Steve Maraboli (American Inspirational Author)

My word for today is “RESPECT!

I choose to live my life with my heart filled with joy.


Yesterday is gone

Treasures In The Garden


Yesterday can’t be brought back

No changes can be made…….

I am told:

Time is like a river.

 We cannot touch the water twice,

because the flow of the river flow,

that has passed

will never flow this way again.

 Enjoy every moment of this life

……. think carefully on every word we say, every action we take,

 for we can’t go back and change any hurts we have caused.


My word for today is :”YESTERDAY”

 I am sorry for any past hurts  I caused.

 I would go back and change any hurts; but I can’t. 

 I can only say “I’m sorry!” and you know that I am sincere.

Touching Lives


Treasures In The Garden


Finding the goodness in all people we meet in our daily living…….


We don’t

meet people 

just by accident

They are meant to 

touch our lives

for some specific reason.


may be a challenge that can add dimension to our own lives.

My word for today is “CHALLENGE!”

Be the change you want to see in the world

Treasures In The Garden

Let today be the day you find good in all whom you meet…….


Be the one to bring humanity to the world.

Be the one who reaches out to touch 

another person’s heart with your kindness.

Be the one who reaches out to touch 

another person’s mind with your words.

Be the one who who reaches out and touches

 another person’s life with your your Love!

                                                                       Jeff Mullan


…….and respect the journey they are travelling.